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Thread: Iron Dragon's PS3 Roster Updates

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    Iron Dragon's PS3 Roster Updates (1.3 Released 9/25)

    Welcome to the IronDragonU (my locker name) roster thread, when I started this on July 14th, I never saw this turning into what it is now, thank you all.

    How to get the roster:
    NOTE: You do not need to add me as a friend to get these. I get alot of these requests and deny them, I would love to add people but I just add people who are friends from these sites and people in my dynasties and then friends I see on a daily basis. My friends list is also getting close to being full, if it caps at 100.

    Team Management > Roster Sharing > Download > Enter Online ID > type in 'IronDragonU' (no spaces) and download.

    If you have suggestions about the rosters (missing players, transfers I've missed etc.), feel free to post.

    First and formost, thanks so much to steelerfan for his EXCELLENT work on these rosters. His rosters are incredible for online play and I use them myself. Get them under the locker name 'gamingtailgate' if you haven't already. My edits are based of this base roster (just names).

    What's the purpose of these rosters? These rosters are for dynasties, online dynasties, to fix the mistakes that EA have made for use for anytime that is not offline play, otherwise, you may have some messed up names online so that's why I advise the 'gamingtailgate' steelerfan original roster. My rosters aren't doing equipment changes.. I just want to fix up transfers, missing players, some ratings while being unbiased, gonna fix the snubs, for sure. Maybe during the season I'll do ratings, we'll see.

    Why are you keeping track of changes? Easter eggs (these are equipment changes that people would never notice; no fake players etc.) and to remember what I've done and to prevent roster stealing.. I mean, seriously, it's a free roster. I have "Easter eggs" spread out through this roster and I've made alot of changes I haven't seen mentioned by other roster makers. Like I said, it's a free roster, but I'd like to squash someone if anyone tries to charge for it. Another reason is to show people what I've done besides saying "yeah, I've changed a few players ratings, that one guy is in, and some other fixes." It's also a way for people to see if a certain player was added/changed etc.

    Suggestions for rosters: Yes, send them in, post them here, I'm not huge on number changes for freshman and such, but if there is like an all-american player etc. I'm missing tell me about them and I'll get them in.

    Current version in locker: 1.3 (Released September 25th, 2010 at 1:30pm)
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    Changes from Steelerfan's rosters in the locker:

    Version 1.0
    BC Added LT Anthony Costonzo (92 OVR)
    Miami Added OT Seantrel Henderson (82 OVR, I gave him #75)
    Navy RB Marcus Curry (dismissed from team) changed to Bo Snelson (SO, #23, 74 OVR)
    ND Added DB Darrin Walls (84 OVR)
    Ohio St. Duron Carter - removed from depth chart
    Ohio St. Jermil Martin changed to Dorian Bell (who it originally was)
    Ohio St. Added K/P Drew Basil (78 OVR)
    Oregon Jeremiah Masoli changed to Daryle Hawkins (rFR, #6, 70 OVR, I also gave him WR skills since he played it mainly in HS, however he isn't that quick)
    Purdue Added QB Robert Marve (81 OVR)
    Temple QB Vaughn Charlton to TE (Dropped to 65 OVR)
    Tennessee Added Malik Johnson (77 OVR)
    Tennessee K Devin Mathis changed to Daniel Lincoln (#26, SR, no OVR change)
    USC Changed Seantrel Henderson to Abe Markowitz (SO, #50, 75 OVR)
    USC Changed D.J. Shoemate to Soma Vainuku (FR, #3, 69 OVR)
    USC Changed DE Malik Jackson to Kevin Greene (rFR, #81, 71 OVR)
    UConn Added D.J. Shoemate (82 OVR)
    UConn Joshua Massey from CB to WR (jumped to 68 OVR)

    Version 1.01
    Alabama Star Jackson changed to Morgan Ogilvie (rSO, #16, 68 OVR)
    Eastern Michigan Ben Axon from FB to RB (up to 69 OVR)
    FIU Wayne Younger skin changed from Light to Dark
    Idaho QB Nathan Enderle ratings increase (yes, I said I was gonna stay away from this, but he's considered a top 5 NFL QB and he's very accurate / 79 to 86 OVR)
    Iowa Jason White to Jordan Bernstine (no OVR Change)
    Kentucky Chandler Burden from DE to LT (No OVR change)
    Louisville Darius Ashley from RB to DB (Dropped to 75 OVR)
    Ohio Added QB Phillip Bates (rJR, #5, 78 OVR)
    Oregon TE Dion Jordan switched to DE, number changed to 96 (changed to 81 OVR)
    Penn State Brent Carter changed to Curtis Dukes (rFR, #26, 75 OVR)
    Penn State AJ Price to Shawney Kersey (rFR, couldn't change number so I kept it #14)
    Penn State Stefen Wisniewski from C to RG (no OVR change)
    SMU Patrick Fleming from LB to WR (Dropped to 75 OVR)
    Stanford Owen Marecic from FB to MLB, increased defensive abilities (dropped from 88 to 81 OVR)
    Texas DE Sam Acho added (SR, #81, 90 OVR)
    Tulane Shakiel Smith from OLB to FS, number from 49 to 24 (no OVR change, stays at 76)
    USF Added RB Darrell Scott - not added to depth chart - 83 OVR (rSO)
    WVU Logan Heastie changed to Jeremy Johnson (QB, 74 OVR, gave him number #15)
    WVU Tavon Austin HB to WR

    Version 1.02
    Alabama Darius Hanks catch decrease (94 to 84, OVR drop to 85)
    Arkansas State Added DT Derek Johnson (rFR, #94, 74 OVR) - I put him on the depth chart although he may not be able to play this year.. sounds like he will, though
    Arkansas State Added QB Phillip Butterfield (rFR, #11, 74 OVR)
    Arkansas State Bryan Hall rating increased from 69 to 78 OVR (increase determined by where NFLDraftScout has him)
    Arkansas State Jermaine Robertson changed from FB to HB (rating drops from 69 to 68)
    Arkansas State Jeff Blake changed from FB to TE (OVR stays at 64)
    Arkansas State WR Allen Muse year changed from SR to SO
    Arkansas State DaJuan Cofield changed to Sirgregory Thornton (FR, #28, 67 OVR)
    Army Kingsley Ehie changed from FB to MLB (stays 67 OVR)
    Arizona Delashaun Dean changed to Travis Cobb (WR, #89, SR, 82 OVR)
    Arizona DeWayne Peace changed to Garic Wharton (WR, #16, FR, 74 OVR)
    Boise State Tyler Jackson changed from FS to WR (now 75 OVR)
    Eastern Michigan Alex Gillett ratings increased and moved to no. 1 QB on depth chart, rFR to SO (Now 65 OVR)
    Eastern Michigan Nick Olds rFR to SO, ratings increased (projected 2010 starter) (Now 64 OVR)
    Florida State CB Lemarcus Joyner speed increase (84 to 88 SPD)
    Fresno State WR Devon Wylie speed increase (runs a 4.24 40 / 80 to 96 SPD / 83 to 85 OVR)
    Illinois Eddie McGee changed from QB to WR and boosted WR skills (no OVR drop, stays at 77)
    Illinois Jacob Charest changed to Nathan Scheelhaase (rFR, #2, 79 OVR)
    Michigan State changed Kyle Nichol to Keith Nichol and changed to WR (83 OVR)
    Miami (OH) Robert Partridge speed/acc change (SPD dropped from 94 to 88, ACC increased from 59 to 89)
    Navy Gee Gee Greene changed from FR to SO
    Notre Dame Theo Riccick changed from HB to WR (now 77 OVR)
    Oregon State WR Darrell Catchings ratings increase (73 to 82 OVR .. starter before injury last year, no. 2 WR overall behind James Rodgers)
    Ohio RB Ryan Boykin ratings increase, SO to rFR (57 OVR, 62 SPD to 68 OVR, 83 SPD / slated to be Ohio's no. 3 RB)
    San Jose State K/P Harrison Weid, KPW/KAC increase, now starter at K/P/KOS (Now 75 OVR)
    San Jose State RB/S Dominique Hunsucker ratings increase (started games at RB and Safety, also a KR) (47 to 62 OVR, now 78 RET from 50)
    Syracuse Added WR Aaron Weaver (SR, #87, 80 OVR - transfer from Hofstra, slated to start)
    Tennessee Added WR Denarius Moore (JR, #6, 87 OVR) (Tennessee's starting WR)
    Tennessee Changed Derrick Furlow from WR to DB (72 OVR)
    Texas Tech QB Taylor Potts rating decrease (90 to 89) (QB race is a deadlock, so I made their ratings resemble that)
    Tulane Joe Kemp changed from QB to WR (runs a 4.7 and EA has him at 52 SPD?), WR skills boosted, expected to be ~no. 4 WR (now 68 OVR and 79 SPD)
    Tulane FB Antonine Duplessis changed to Jordan Stephany (SR, #37, 56 OVR)
    Tulane FS Shakiel Smith rating increase (76 to 80 OVR, considered to be Tulane's top player and All C-USA 1st team)
    Washington QB Jake Locker speed increase (72 to 80, dropped ACC to 93)
    Wyoming QB Austyn Carta-Samuels rating increase, number change to #5 (74 to 77)
    West Virginia FS Robert Sands speed decrease (96 with a 4.5 40? dropped to 90)
    Western Kentucky Added QB Matt Pelesasa (projected 2010 starter) (66 OVR)
    Western Kentucky Marcus Vasquez changed from QB to WR, rSO to rFR (Now 61 OVR)

    Version 1.021/2
    Bowling Green QB Kellen Pagel increased ratings, SO to rFR (now 68 OVR - expected to be starter)
    Colorado State QB Pete Thomas increased ratings (now 76 OVR - starter)
    Memphis Added QB Ryan Williams (FR, #11, 72 OVR - possible starter)
    Rice QB Taylor McHargue ratings increased (66 to 72 OVR - possible starter?)
    Toledo QB Austin Dantin changed from FR to SO
    Wake Forest QB Skylar Jones increased to 79 OVR (Starter)
    Western Michigan QB Alex Carder increased to 75 OVR (starter)
    - All 120 teams have proper starting QBs or correct players in the race for no. 1 QB.

    Notre Dame Manti Te'o changed from OLB to MLB
    Notre Dame Theo Riddick's number changed from 32 to 84
    Ohio State Corey Linsley changed from RG to C
    Ohio State Jack Mewhort changed from C to RG
    Tennessee Derrick Furlow removed, added Martaze Jackson (FR, 73 OVR)
    Various re-rates to Alabama based on playing time & experience, now 96-97-95 as a team, not 99-99-99

    Version 1.03
    Boise State Byron Hout DE to OLB
    Florida Dee Finley FS to OLB
    Florida State Added Taiwan Easterling (rJR, WR, 82 OVR)
    Ohio State Keith Wells removed, changed to OT Andrew Norwell (FR, #78, 78 OVR)
    Ohio State Soloman Thomas changed from FR to rJR (how EA got this wrong, I'd never know..)
    Marshall Added AJ Graham (rFR, QB, 73 OVR)
    Michigan James Rogers WR to CB
    Nebraska QBs speed ratings rework
    New Mexico Bradley Miller ratings increase (48 to 61 OVR)
    New Mexico Added Lamaar Thomas (WR, #81, 81 OVR)
    Texas Dravannti Johnson OLB to DE (OVR now 82)
    Texas Emmanuel Acho DT to OLB (OVR now 83)
    Texas Added MLB Jared Norton (rSR, wears #11 actually, but could only give him #20, 89 OVR)
    Texas Added WR/RET D.J. Monroe (SO, #26, 80 OVR)
    Texas A&M Joseph Villavisencio ratings drop, move to LG from C (not a starter, maybe a backup / 90 to 76 OVR)
    UCLA Owamagbe Odighizuwa ratings increase (71 to 77, no. 9 player last year)
    UConn D.J. Shoemate FB to HB (OVR up to 82)
    UConn Casey Turner changed to QB Michael Box (rFR, #2, 65 OVR)
    USC George Uko ratings increase (70 to 74)
    USC Robert Woods FS to WR (OVR up to 76)
    Wyoming David Leonard medium skin to light
    Wyoming Alvester Alexanders ratings/speed increase (86 to 92 SPD / 82 to 90 ACC / 72 to 77 OVR)
    WVU Coley White number to #15 (was #8)
    WVU Jeremy Johnson number to #4

    Version 1.04
    Army - Josh McNary ratings increase (64 to 81 OVR, Army's best player on defense, quietly had 12 sacks last year)
    Clemson - Various updates to the roster
    Cincy - JK Schaffer ratings increase (81 to 84 OVR, could be Cincy's best player on defense)
    Idaho - Shiloh Keo ratings increase (83 to 90 OVR, considered a top 5 safety in the 2011 draft)
    Illinois - Added MLB Martez Wilson (rJR, #1, 84 OVR)
    Nevada - Dontay Moch ratings increase (80 to 90 OVR, considered a 1st-2nd round pick, 11.5 sacks last year)
    ND - Nate Montana ratings increase (now 72 OVR, expected to be no. 2 QB)
    ND - Spencer Boyd removed, turned into Tommy Rees (FR, QB, #13, 65 OVR)
    ND - Tai-ler Jones number changed from 81 to 7
    ND - Ethan Johnson DT to DE, number from 9 to 90
    ND - Added LG Chris Stewart (rSR, #59, 86 OVR)
    ND - Added C Dan Wenger (rSR, #51, 87 OVR)
    ND - Added WR John Goodman (JR, #81, 81 OVR)
    Ohio - Noah Keller ratings increase (83 to 86 OVR, Ohio's best player)
    Oregon - Kenny Rowe speed increase (81 to 84 OVR)
    SMU - Kyle Padron ratings increase (78 to 80 OVR)
    Temple - Adrian Robinson ratings increase (71 to 84 OVR, quietly had 12 sacks last year)
    Texas A&M - Added Von Miller to the LB depth charts, but not a position change from DE.
    Virginia - Michael Strauss re-rate (wtf, dude runs a 4.8 and has 87 SPD, 90 ACC and 95 BTK? I think not.) (SPD/AGI/ACC/BTK/ELU/BCV/SPIN/JUKE before: 87/89/90/95/87/95/92 now 64/61/72/61/52/60/60/61, catching ratings also dropped, THP/THA up to 85/82 from 82/77, no OVR change from 68)
    Virginia - various updates of the roster

    San Diego State - Added WR DeMarco Sampson (6th year of eligibility, rSR, #1, 82 OVR - starter)
    Western Kentucky - Added QB Brandon Doughty (FR, #16, 66 OVR)
    Depth chart fixes

    Version 1.05
    Arizona State Added WR Brandon Smith (rSR, #2, 75 OVR - 6th year of eligibility)
    Arkansas State various race fixes
    Arkansas various race fixes
    Florida Atlantic Xavier Stinson RB to FB (also supposed to start - up to 63 OVR)
    Florida Atlantic Tony Moore year change (rSR to FR - No explanation here / also given some LB skills)
    Michigan State various fixes
    Michigan State Added QB Andrew Maxwell (rFR, #10, 75 OVR)
    Oklahoma WR Jaz Reynolds ratings increase (80 to 83 - possible starter)
    Oklahoma HB Mossis Madu changed to WR - I left him on the RB depth chart as a #4, just because he plays both positions.
    Oklahoma FB Marshall Musil ratings increase (77 to 80 - should start at FB)
    Oklahoma CB Ryan Caro changed to Demontre Hurst (who it should have been)
    Ohio State WR James Louis ratings increase (75 to 77 OVR, planned to be #4 WR, maybe #3?)
    Penn State Chaz Powell from WR to DB (no change at 82)
    Penn State Brett Brackett from WR to TE (no change at 71)
    Penn State Malcolm Willis height fix (5'5" to 5'11")
    Penn State Devon Smith speed increase (85 to 92, ACC not touched at 97)
    SDSU Ernie Lawson DT to RE (73 OVR)
    SDSU Brandon Sullivan RB to FB (70 OVR)
    SDSU Added RB Ronnie Hillman (rFR, #24, 75 OVR - starter)
    SDSU DJ Shields FB to TE (67 OVR)
    Temple Chester Stewart ratings increase (66 to 71)
    Temple Vaughn Charlton number changed from 12 to 3
    Temple Connor Reilly number changed from 6 to 12
    Temple Added QB Chris Coyer (rFR, #11, 65 OVR)
    USC Aaron Corp removed, Brett Kan added (rJR, #15, 63 OVR)
    USC Brandon Carswell removed, De'Von Flournoy added (SO, #80, 75 OVR)

    Version 1.06
    Florida State Bjoern Werner DT to DE, number to 95
    Florida State Darious Cummings ratings increase (169th in rivals150 and given a 69 - up to 72)
    Florida State DeJoshua Johnson removed, added Holmes Onwukaife (FR, #57, LB, 68 OVR)
    Georgia Added Jarvis Jones (MLB, #41, SO, 82 OVR - NOT ON DEPTH CHART)
    Illinois QB Chandler Whitmer ratings rework (4.8, pro-style QB with 90 running skills? Dropped to the 70s. No OVR change from 76)
    Kansas Quinn Mecham FR to JR (JUCO transfer)
    Kansas State Added Arthur Brown (MLB, #1, JR, 84 OVR - NOT ON DEPTH CHART)
    Kansas State Added Chris Harper (WR, #3, rSO, 79 OVR)
    Louisiana Tech Added Lennon Creer (rJR, former tenn. transfer, RB, #5, 77 OVR
    Louisville Added Jordan Campbell (rJR, OLB, 74 OVR)
    Michigan Craig Roh DE to OLB (now 83 OVR)
    Miami Orlando Franklin LG to LT
    Miami LB Shayon Green ratings decrease (89 to 72, not a starter - maybe not even a backup)
    Miami Sean Goldstein removed, Added C.J. Holton (rSO, #34, LB, 73 OVR)
    NC State Chris Ward removed, Added Jeff Ruiz (P, #38, rSR, 82 OVR)
    NC State David Amerson FS to CB, number from 40 to 1 (no OVR change)
    NC State Dean Haynes FS to CB (now 65 OVR)
    NC State Added Jarvis Byrd (CB, #12 (#14 is taken), SO, 67 OVR)
    NC State Added Sylvester Crawford (LE, rFR, #96, 67 OVR)
    NC State Jake Vermiglio ratings increase (79 to 82 OVR)
    NC State Added Logan Winkles (#44, FB, FR, 64 OVR)
    NC State some various fixes (numbers for starters and such)
    PITT Aundre Wright WR to CB
    Ohio State CB Christian Byrant speed fixing (4.4 40, drops from 97 to 93 / ACC from 83 to 92)
    Tennessee Darren Myles Jr. removed, added Daryl Vereen (rJR, LB, #9, 70 OVR)
    Tennessee FS Prentiss Waggner FS to SS
    Texas Barrett Matthews FB to TE
    USC David Ausberry WR to TE
    USC Devon Kennard DE to OLB
    USC Jordan Campbell removed, Added Christian Thomas (#45, FR, 73 OVR)
    USC Jarvis Jones removed, Added Simione Vehikite (#36, rFR, 70 OVR)
    USC Bryon Moore removed, Added Nickell Robey (#12, FR, 73 OVR)
    USC Marshall Jones CB to FS
    USC Uona Kaveinga removed, Added Marquis Simmons (#53, rFR, 74 OVR)
    USC DeVon Flournoy ratings increase, number to #1 (75 to 82 - could start / will see very good time on the field)
    USC T.J. Bryant number changed from 1 to 38
    USC Glen Stanley OLB to MLB
    Wisconsin Ethan Hemer ratings dropped (83 to 80 - backup)
    Wisconsin Jordan Kohout ratings increase (79 to 82 - starter)
    Wisconsin Aaron Henry CB to FS (stays at 80)
    Wisconsin Marcus Cromartie FS to CB
    Wisconsin Added Conor O'Neill (#13, SS, rFR, 67 OVR)

    BYU Added Uona Kaveinga (73 OVR)
    Colorado Added Travon Patterson (79 OVR)
    Michigan RB slight re-rates and depth chart fixed
    Mississippi Pat Patterson removed, Added Cliff Coleman (CB, #24, FR, 70 OVR)
    Penn State Curtis Dukes now a rFR
    USC Travon Patterson removed, Added Steve Blackhart (11 players gone now) (68 OVR)
    USC Kyle Prater number fixed
    Virginia Tech various fixes

    Version 1.1
    Akron Shawn Lemon removed, Added Jamar Williams (FR, #44, LB, 58 OVR)
    Arizona State removed Damien Williams (ineligible), Added Michael Willie (JUCO-JR, WR, #83, 71 OVR)
    Arkansas removed Carlton Sanders (or was it Salters?), Added Jacoby Walker (FR, QB, #10, 70 OVR)
    Arkansas removed David Gordon, Added DE/LB Chris Smith (FR, DE, #50, 70 OVR @ DE, 66 @ LB)
    Auburn removed Dontae Aycock, Added Jeffrey Whittaker (FR, DT, #91, 76 OVR)
    Buffalo removed Darius Willis, Added Cordero Dixon (FR, WR, #1, 69 OVR)
    BYU Malosi Te'o RB to LB
    Cal Chris Martin removed, Added Tevin Carter (FR, WR, #12, 76 OVR)
    Central Michigan Added Brandon Fricke (QB, JR, #7, 60 OVR)
    Cincinnati Lynell Payne removed, Added Walt Stewart (LB, rSO, #54, 85 OVR)
    Cincinnati Dorian Davis OLB to MLB (Starter)
    Colorado removed Andre Simmons, Added Harold Mobley (WR, FR, #84, 70 OVR)
    Colorado Markques Simas removed from depth chart
    Colorado State Jon Eastman removed, Added Vance Green (RB/LB, FR, #34, 68 OVR)
    Eastern Michigan Marvon Sanders removed from depth chart (no idea who to replace him with)
    ECU Brandon Jackson removed, Added Michael Dobson (RB, rFR, #35, 75 OVR - possible replacement starter)
    Florida Added Chris Martin (FR, DE/LB, #93, 80 OVR)
    Florida Added Justin Williams (rSR, WR, #87, 81 OVR)
    Florida Removed Adrian Bushell, Added Moses Jenkins (SR, CB, #36, 80 OVR)
    Georgia Nick Williams OLB to FS (now 80 OVR)
    Georgia Quintin Banks SS to FS
    Georgia Jakar Hamilton CB to SS
    Georgia Makari Pugh removed, Added Chad Gloer (SR, #47, CB, 73 OVR)
    Houston Charles Sims removed from depth chart (not on 2010 team - like Duron Carter's problems at Ohio State, should be back in '11)
    Indiana Milton Owens removed, Added Matt Perez (FR, #34, RB, 70 OVR)
    Indiana Mitchell Evans WR to SS
    Indiana Chris Adkins CB to FS
    Indiana Matt Ernest WR to CB
    Indiana Jerimy Finch removed, Added Jeff Thomas (MLB, JUCO-JR, #52, 75 OVR)
    Indiana Damon Sims ratings increase (starter)
    Iowa State Aaron Moore removed, Added Brandon Jensen (FR, #70, DT, 65 OVR)
    Kansas Jamal Greene removed, Added Jaqyalin Arps (FR, DE, #65, 69 OVR)
    Kentucky Taiedo Smith FS to SS, ratings increased - starter (now 72 OVR)
    Kentucky Josh Gibbs SS to FS, number to 33
    Kentucky Matt Lentz removed, Added Dakotah Tyler (rFR, RB/FS, #28, 71 OVR)
    Kentucky Paul Warford removed, Added Mikie Benton (rSO, CB, #31, 67 OVR)
    Kentucky Ryan Mossakowski ratings increased (part of the 3-way QB race, up to 75 OVR)
    Kentucky Moncell Allen RB to FB
    Kentucky Billy Joe Murphy ratings dropped from 84 to 79 (backup)
    Kentucky Chandler Burden ratings increased from 79 to 83 (starter)
    Kentucky Kake Lanefski LT to C
    Kentucky Larry Warford RG to LG, ratings increase (Starter)
    Kentucky Trevino Woods LG to RT
    Kentucky Collins Ukwu RE to LE, ratings increase (Starter)
    Kentucky Taylor Wyndham ratings decrease (80 to 76 - backup)
    LSU Kyle Prater (LB) removed, Added Justin Maclin (FR, LB, #54, 75 OVR)
    LSU Jhyryn Taylor removed, Added Armand Williams (FR, WR, #81, 71 OVR)
    Marshall DeQuan Bembry removed, Added Harold Hoskins (FR, CB, #10, 67 OVR)
    Marshall T.J. Drakeford removed, Added Antwon Chisholm (FR, HB, #20, 70 OVR)
    MTSU Jamal Ramsey removed, Added Logan Kilmore (JUCO-JR, QB, #7, 69 OVR)
    Missouri Tyler Crane removed, Added Jared Parham (FR, LB, #40, 70 OVR)
    Ohio State Jamel Turner removed, Added Carlos Hyde (rFR, RB, #34, 77 OVR)
    Ole Miss Raymond Cotton - can't do anything with him, they have no other QBs. I made him a rSR for the time being.
    Oregon State Peter Lalich removed, Added Jack Lomax (rFR, QB, #11, 74 OVR)
    Purdue removed Najee Taylor, Added Justin Siller (JR, QB-RB-WR (on roster like that on Purdue's site, on game - WR), #2, 79 OVR - HE IS ON THE DEPTH CHART IN 3 POSITIONS)
    SMU Braden Smith QB to S
    Tennesseee Greg King removed, Added Raiques Crump (FR, OLB, #44, 67 OVR)
    Troy Dontavious Parker removed, Added Greg Jenkins (JUCO-JR, QB, #2, 74 OVR)
    Tulsa Jacob Bower removed, Added Relus Chance (FR, DE, #83, 72 OVR)
    UCLA Milton Knox removed, Added Anthony Barr (FR, RB, #30, 74 OVR)
    UCLA Josh Shirley removed, Added Eric Kendricks (FR, LB, #8, 71 OVR)
    UCF Added Jeff Brinson (rSO, #44, RB, 77 OVR)
    Wash St. Brandon Jones removed, Added Tracy Clark (FR, CB, #22, 68 OVR)
    Wisconsin Issac Anderson speed increase (83 to 88)

    Version 1.2

    Akron Added Oren Wilson (DT, SR, 83 OVR) - Transfer, not on depth chart
    Akron Added Alex Allen (RB, #10, rSR, 71 OVR)
    Akron Rhyne Ladrach ratings increase - Starting TE
    Arkansas State Phil Butterfield FR to rFR
    Arkansas State Don Jones RB to FS - not on depth chart
    Florida Jordan Reed SO to rFR, also starting TE, not third string, number from 16 to 11
    Florida State Removed Jarmon Fortson (dismissed), Added Glen Stanley (LB/DE, FR, 75 OVR)
    Georgia Added Kris Durham (#16, WR, SR, 79 OVR)
    Georgia Added Bruce Figgins (TE, JR, 80 OVR)
    Georgia TONS of fixes, moves, depth chart updated
    Kansas State Added RB Bryce Brown (#5, SO, 85 OVR - not on depth chart)
    Notre Dame Added OLB Steve Filer (#46, JR, 71 OVR)
    Miami Thearon Collier removed, Added Allen Hurns (#80, WR, FR, 73 OVR)
    Michigan JT Turner removed, Added Terry Talbott (DT, #96, FR, 69 OVR)
    Michigan Cornelius Jones removed, Added Carvin Johnson (SS, #13, FR, 70 OVR)
    Michigan State Added Josh Rouse (#44, FB, SR, 72 OVR)
    Michigan State Oren Wilson removed, Added Tony Lippett (#14, FR, WR, 71 OVR)
    Ole Miss Raymond Cotton removed, Added Jeremiah Masoli (SR, QB, #8, 89 OVR - Masoli's AWR drops from 88 to 70)
    San Jose State Ina Liaina JR to SO,
    San Jose State Wade O'Neill LB to FB, now 64 OVR - Starter
    San Jose State Duke Ihenacho FR to SR, white to black, major ratings overhaul (72 to 85 - 2x All-WAC 1st team, 2x Jim Thorpe Award Watch)
    San Jose State Ray Rodriguez reciever/blocking skills increased - plays as #2 TE and DT
    San Jose State Tanner Burns (Impact FS, left), Marquis Avery (#1 WR, academics), Tyler Cope (Kicker, quit team) all removed
    San Jose State Added Philip Bliss (K, #11, JR, 69 OVR)
    San Jose State Dominique Hunsucker RB to FS, ratings increased to 70 - Starter
    San Jose State Added Evan Taylor (FS, #16, SO, 65 OVR)
    San Jose State Added Devin Newsone (WR, #22, SR, 64 OVR)
    San Diego State TONS of fixes, depth chart updated to Scout's
    Texas Sherrod Harris removed, Added Nolan Brewster (JR, S, 81 OVR)
    Texas Barrett Matthews ratings increase (77 to 81 OVR)
    Troy Josh Jarboe removed, Added Corey Robinson (QB, #6, rFR, 75 OVR - challenging for starting job. Holds alot of Kentucky HS state records)
    Troy Luke Barnes JR to FR
    Tulsa Charles Opeseyitan removed, Added Willie Carter (SO, RB, #34, 72 OVR)
    Tulsa Dexter McCoil FR to SO
    UCF Jonathan Davis JR to SO
    ULL Brad McGuire QB to RB/FB
    USC TONS of fixes, depth chart updated to Rivals
    Wyoming David Tooley TE to WR, other changes

    Verizon 1.21
    Alabama various fixes
    Colorado Added Paul Richardson (FR, WR, 74 OVR)
    Eastern Michigan Ben Axon removed,
    FIU Willis Wright rJR to FR, ratings increase (slated to be no. 2 WR behind T.Y. Hilton, Wright was in the ESPNU 150 and was a 4* recruit), rated now a 73
    FIU added DT Jason Fitch (JUCO-JR, #90, 68 OVR)
    FIU added DE Paul Crawford (FR, #92, 69 OVR)
    FIU added RT Caylin Hauptmann (SO, #71, 71 OVR)
    Houston Added RB Mike Hayes (#28, JUCO-JR, 72 OVR)
    LSU Zach Lee removed (baseball), Added Barrett Bailey (#16, QB, FR, 70 OVR)
    Marshall Willy Korn removed,
    UCLA Added Aramide Olaniyan (#86, LB, FR, 75 OVR - #123 of ESPN's 150)
    UNLV Added David Blair (#43, FB, SO, 69 OVR)
    UNLV Added Tani Maka (#41, LB, FR, 72 OVR)
    Washington Added LB Josh Shirley (#24, FR, 74 OVR)

    Version 1.25 - Teams Updated
    Fresno State
    Kansas State
    Miami FL
    Miami U.
    Mid Tenn State
    NC State
    Notre Dame
    Ohio State
    Ole Miss
    Penn State
    South Carolina
    Texas Tech
    Western Kentucky

    Version 1.3 - Teams Updated
    Air Force
    Arizona State
    Colorado State
    Eastern Michigan
    Kansas State
    Michigan State
    Notre Dame
    Ohio State
    Oklahoma State
    Oregon State
    South Carolina
    Texas A&M
    Texas Tech
    UL Lafayette
    Virginia Tech
    Western Kentucky
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    The History of these Rosters:

    7/14 - Steelerfan releases just named rosters for PS3, the first to be released for NCAA Football 11, these rosters can be downloaded under 'gamingtailgate'.
    7/15 - In the 'Rosters' thread, I originally post about 20 changes I had made to the roster (Seantrel to Miami, Costanzo to BC, Masoli off Oregon, USC transfers etc.). "Round One" is released.
    7/15 - Continued to update with some user feedback, this thread is created.
    7/16 - Version 1.02 released.
    7/17 - Version 1.03 released.
    7/19 - Version 1.04 released.
    7/20 - Version 1.05 released, thread hits 1000 views.
    7/21 - Version 1.06 released.
    7/22 - Version 1.06.1 released.
    7/24 - Version 1.1 released, update was three times larger than any previous to this time. Thread jumps to around 4000 views.
    Roster popularity grows, passes into the 10,000 view count range.
    8/14 - Version 1.2 released.
    8/15 - Version 1.21 released.
    9/6 - Version 1.25 released.
    9/11 - Thread hits 15,000 views.
    9/25 - Version 1.3 released, the largest update yet, thread closes in on 16,000 views after a slow period.
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    Here's what I posted for luvtotha9s over on TraditionFootball regarding Arkansas State. Use them however you wish.
    Spoiler: show
    I'm not a very big stickler but here are my Arkansas State notes if you can use them.

    QB RSFr - Phillip Butterfield is not on the EA roster - 3* recruit by both Scout & Rivals. Will compete with RSSo Aplin for the starting job.

    HB Fr - Sirgregory Thornton - Not on EA's roster. Replace HB#24 with him. 2* by both Scout & Rivals. Possible playing time as true freshman.

    FB #42 - Jeff Blake - New offense doesn't use FBs, moved to TE in spring.

    FB #43 - Jermaine Robertson - New offense doesn't use FBs, moved to HB in spring.

    WR #17 - Allen Muse - listed as Sr, should be true So.

    DT #90 - Bryan Hall - Underrated by EA... considered by NFL scouts to be our best prospect. Preseason coverage. IMO should be 80OVR or better.

    DT RSFr - Derek Johnson - Transferring from Texas to ASU to be closer to family. 4* by Rivals, 3* by Scout.

    OLB #23 - Demario Davis - Is white on EA roster, should be black.

    Number changes only:

    I might have missed some but that covers the primary ones.

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    Thanks gschwendt. I did all the player changes and re-rated Bryan Hall via NFLDraftScout (listed as #41 DT, so I matched the rating of the one above him - 78 OVR)

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    Alright, taking a break, may not dig into the rosters much more tonight. Will be gone all day tomorrow.

    Keep the info coming people..

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    I'll give a more detailed PSU roster changes for you. I'm very happy that you are doing this and it is much appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by psusnoop View Post
    I'll give a more detailed PSU roster changes for you. I'm very happy that you are doing this and it is much appreciated!
    Sounds good. Trying to make the rosters as good as I can get them for the TGT and overall community, and well, myself, too.

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    1.02 live. List of changes above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Dragon View Post
    1.02 live. List of changes above.
    How long will you be working on this? I'm thinking that I would prefer proper rosters then default rosters for my dynasty.

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    I'm not sure yet. I'd like to get a final pre-season roster out by sometime next week.. no more than 4-5 days, I'd hope.

    However, after tonight I won't be updating until Saturday afternoon again.
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    Last version done til Saturday. Alabama drops from 99 in everything to 96-97-95. No team should be worthy of 99-99-99.
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    I'm back, new update sometime this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Dragon View Post
    Last version done til Saturday. Alabama drops from 99 in everything to 96-97-95. No team should be worthy of 99-99-99.

    In my opinion even that is too high. I knowthat they have some good prospects on defense, but honestly they have no experience which should account for something. Heck I was a good prospect once, now I'm old, fat, married, have two children, one dog and often find myself scratching things I shouldn't in public. Does this mean I'm a 99 overall to my wife? I'm sure she will debate that.

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    hey irondragon why no tawian easterling for fsu

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinister View Post
    hey irondragon why no tawian easterling for fsu
    Added in. I'm trying to get all the missing players in that I can, thanks for the tip.

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    Version 1.03 up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinister View Post
    hey irondragon why no tawian easterling for fsu
    Can't forget that boy...I played ball with him. Great athlete and cool dude.

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    Just wanted to say these are the best base set rosters I have seen. By far.

    I have some corrections and what not for Notre Dame.

    Tommy Rees should be on the roster as QB. He's a freshman.

    John Goodman should be a WR on the team. He wears #81. He's most likely going to see quite a bit of playing time this season.

    Dan Wenger should be on the roster as well. He's going to be the starting center this season.

    Chris Stewart should also be on the roster as well. He's a stud and will be the starting LG.

    Ethan Johnson should be moved to DE and wear #90.(He changed numbers this offseason)

    WR Tailer Jones should wear #7.

    Here's a pretty good depth chart from this Spring.

    For Illinois Martez Wilson needs to be on the roster as a starter at Middle Linebacker. He's an impact player so I would edit Ian Thomas into Wilson and create Ian Thomas over so Wilson is the impact player. Either way though Wilson needs to be on the roster.

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    Thanks for the input.



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