• NCAA Football 13: Gameplay Webcast - Recap

    Tuesday afternoon, EA SPORTS held their NCAA Football 13 Gameplay Webcast in which they announced gameplay features and improvements coming to the game.

    Among the areas of focus to gameplay in NCAA Football 13 are a new Total Control Passing Mechanic (including new pass trajectories), a new catching system (including 430+ new catch animations), Read & React Defensive AI, improved punt coverage and return formations, as well as option, playcalling, and custom playbook improvements, among other changes.

    Continue on to view the LiveStream archive of the event, a detailed list of announced Gameplay improvements, links to media articles and blogs discussing the improvements, and also thoughts from fellow community members.

    Gameplay Improvements:
    - All-new Pump Fake
    - All-new Shovel Pass
    - New Dropbacks (20+ new animations)
    - New Play-Action Abort Fake
    - New Play-Action Pick Up Blitz
    - Throw on the Run Animations
    - Multiple Pass Trajectories (20+ new; new zones/ball speeds)
    - Receiver Route Awareness
    - 430+ New Catch Animations
    - Enhanced Option Pitch
    - Improved Punt Coverage
    - Read & React Defenders

    For detailed information on the gameplay improvements, check out the archived NCAA Football 13 LiveStream event:
    Watch live streaming video from easports at livestream.com

    Media Articles & Video:
    ESPN Video Games - 'NCAA Football 13 ends psychic defense' by Jon Robinson
    IGN - 'Tweaking the Gameplay of NCAA Football 13' by Greg Miller
    Kotaku - 'A Backup Quarterback Pushes You to be Better in NCAA Football 13' by Owen Good
    Game Informer - 'NCAA Football 13 Strengthens Its Aerial Attack' by Matthew Kato
    G4TV - NCAA Football 13 Gameplay Preview (Video)

    Official EA SPORTS Blog:
    'NCAA Football 13 - Gameplay' by Larry Richart
    'NCAA Football 13 - Community Gameplay' by Chris Jacobs
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    1. JBHuskers's Avatar
      JBHuskers -
      As always, if you can't watch it live, you'll be able to catch a replay at anytime (at the same link I believe).
    1. JerzeyReign's Avatar
      JerzeyReign -
      As a football coach (youth) I just have one pet peeve besides it being a little brother photo -- why in the hell do they are in their gameday jersey during contact days? Don't know why it bugs me but it does...
    1. baseballplyrmvp's Avatar
      baseballplyrmvp -
      2 MORE HOURS!!!!!!!!
    1. cdj's Avatar
      cdj -
      Discussion of player equipment & gear has been moved to the more appropriate Sights & Sounds thread.
    1. Jcoop9's Avatar
      Jcoop9 -
      Do or die with this one.....
    1. baseballplyrmvp's Avatar
      baseballplyrmvp -
      9 MORE MINUTES!!!!!!!!
    1. CLW's Avatar
      CLW -
      300 viewers with 2 minutes to go.
    1. CLW's Avatar
      CLW -
      Wow right on time and everything. Impressive!
    1. xMrHitStickx904's Avatar
      xMrHitStickx904 -
      Well, time to see what this is all about.
    1. baseballplyrmvp's Avatar
      baseballplyrmvp -
      nickell robey is #21 for the trojans....not 37.
      robert woods is #2 not 13

      if they need a roster for , there's one in the random college football thread. i'll add #'s for em if they need it.

      edit: nvm. ben just said something. lol
    1. xMrHitStickx904's Avatar
      xMrHitStickx904 -
      rosters don't get done until May sir.

      new screen dropbacks look very nice.
    1. xMrHitStickx904's Avatar
      xMrHitStickx904 -
      pump fake dropbacks, shovel passes in.
    1. psuexv's Avatar
      psuexv -
      Hopefully they take that hand off of the changing of players to the defense side as well. It's all fine and great for user catching but I hate it when I try to switch to the rusher and it switches me to a DB
    1. psuexv's Avatar
      psuexv -
      Really really hope that awareness plays into account with this new catching. Like with the blitzing CB and the WR looks right away. Obviously that comes with awareness, hopefully Fr Wrs aren't doing this right away
    1. Kwizzy's Avatar
      Kwizzy -
      Quote Originally Posted by psuexv View Post
      Really really hope that awareness plays into account with this new catching. Like with the blitzing CB and the WR looks right away. Obviously that comes with awareness, hopefully Fr Wrs aren't doing this right away
      Im working to get confirmation on whetheror not that is the case. I'll let you know what I hear.
    1. CLW's Avatar
      CLW -
      Thoughts so far:

      #1 - Cool that an actual college QB is in charge of gameplay

      #2 - Good resources/staff on gameplay has been doubled

      #3 - How the hell do we know where to pre-order from w/o knowing anything about the new Heisman Mode?

      #4 - Annoyed that everyone uses Twitter now to hand pick the questions they want with the farce of pretending to care what "real people" think

      #5 - Wasn't leading passes with L stick already in the game?

      #6 - Trajectory - how is it different from what we have now?
      Sounds like the exact same system where you can throw Moon Balls or Bullets but it looks allot better.

      #7 - Dropbacks - looked good - in the past there has always been theories that if you manually dropped back your pass protection was worse than if you auto dropped back. Any truth to this?

      #8 - Auto Pump fake - not sure how I feel about that. Visions of trying to push the pass button to avoid a sack right during an auto pump fake

      #9 - Throw on Run - sounds good is there a throw on run rating to seperate the QBs who are bad/good at it?

      #10 - Shovel - wishes there were shovel pass plays

      #11 - Pump Fakes - couldn't we already pump to a specific receiver?

      #12 - Glad they slowed down the QB movement while standing in the pocket

      #13 - Play Action - abort play action hopefully will save me some sacks

      #14 - Catching - 100% Catch Coverage - are they saying that an even higher % of passes are going to be caught? Go lord it has to be already 75% + either caught or INT. Do NOT like making user catching being EASIER than it already is!

      #15 - Timing - Interesting that receiver will only catch the ball if you user catch it when it is dimmed out - LOL only the CPU calls Engage 8 - Due to #14 above I don't think Timing is going to be that big of a deal b/c apparently anyone can just user catch now
    1. I OU a Beatn's Avatar
      I OU a Beatn -
      Slowed down user catches...that's a nice little way to try to remove the rocket catches. I guess time will tell as to whether it'll work or not.
    1. baseballplyrmvp's Avatar
      baseballplyrmvp -
      pretty offensive heavy gameplay changes. anything gonna change for defense besides the read/react ai?
    1. xMrHitStickx904's Avatar
      xMrHitStickx904 -
      Passing might be easier than it's ever been. My goodness. Like the additions.
    1. ram29jackson's Avatar
      ram29jackson -
      they allowed an end zone pose...?