• EA SPORTS PGA TOUR - Shot Types Printable Guide

    EA SPORTS PGA TOUR will feature 20 selectable shot types that will help the user as they develop a strategy to attack the hole and the situation facing them. The user will select their shot type before choosing a club and ultimately their swing.

    The Gaming Tailgate has put together a printable guide to help users to learn each shot type and enable them to make the proper selection out on the course. This two-page PDF, best printed 'double-sided,' is a handy resource to learn each shot type and the best situation for each one.

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    Courtesy EA SPORTS: There are 20 available shot types in the game and each one is intended to help you succeed when you face a specific, on-course challenge. Each shot type has its own unique profile producing shots with varying ball speeds, launch angles, spin rates, and shot dispersion that you would expect in real life. Each shot type profile is unique per club and per class of golfer trajectory (low, medium, and high), which result in over 1300 unique profiles available in EA SPORTS PGA TOUR.

    In previous EA golf games, your options were limited; typically only requiring you to select the appropriate club. Now, with shot types, every time you step to the ball you’ll choose your shot type and then select your club. This unlocks a new layer of depth and strategy, allowing you to get one step closer to the pre-shot thought process and routine of a pro golfer.

    Among other conditions that change with each shot type, each shot comes with a certain amount of dispersion, impacting the accuracy of a shot which varies based on each golfer’s skill with the specific shot type.

    Your created golfer starts off with eight basic shot types and you’ll be able to unlock the other twelve as you progress in career mode. There are four categories of shot types that you’ll be able to master with a golfer of your choice so whether you prefer to perfect the short game, approach shots, or all of them, there will be a shot type to fit the situation. All shot types fall under one of four categories: Driving, Approach, Short Game, or Putting.

    Read more about the Pure Strike System and 20 available shot types here.


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