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Thread: These are the teams that have pride stickers

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    These are the teams that have pride stickers

    Here are the teams, please add to list if any where left out

    Arkansas - sledgehammer
    Arkansas State - "I Will"
    BYU - Tan Cougar and Blue Cougar/"HC"(Used only on Throwback helmets)
    Central Michigan
    Clemson - Paw Print
    Eastern Michigan
    Florida State - Tomahawk (tomahawks given for academic achievements have "ACADEMIC" written up the handle of the tomahawk)
    Fresno State - White Bone, Yellow Bone, and Black Bone
    Georgia - White Bone (football excellence) and Black Bone (academic excellence)
    Kentucky - Wildcat Paw
    Louisiana Lafayette - Cajun Pepper
    Louisiana Monroe- Star/Warhawk foot
    Michigan State - White Block 'S'
    Middle Tennessee State-Pegasus logo
    Northwestern University - White Wildcat
    Ohio State - Buckeye Leaf
    SMU - Skull and Crossbones
    Stanford - Axe Blade
    Temple - Diamond
    Toledo- Yellow Rocket and White Rocket
    Vanderbilt - Ship Anchor and Black Star

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    BYU has pride stickers on their normal helmet, not just throwback.

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    Houston added helmet stickers last season, but with the coaching change their future is uncertain.



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