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Thread: Iron Dragon's Tulane Green Wave Dynasty

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    Hey man, just wanted to say you've been a great inspiration on my own dynasty stuff with your Around the NCAA stuff. It's an excellent idea and I really like keeping tabs on the other teams around the NCAA (and seeing some of the crazy upsets).

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    A fumble by Baylor turned into three players for Tulane touching the ball and lateraling it to score the game's first TD on a crazy play.

    Besides that, it was the John Christian show as he had 2 rushing TDs..

    ..and also threw for 238 yards

    After Jamal Burns' injury, Rich Nelson had to lead the Green Wave's comeback, but all hopes ended on this forced bad pass on fourth and five.

    NEW ORLEANS, LA -- After starting out 4-0, Baylor at 2-2 shouldn't have been much of a problem, right? A big win over Kansas last week should keep our momentum going? I mean, we beat LSU but our offense continues to misfire when it doesn't need too, leading us to our eventual downfall, we could kind of see it coming, but just not to Baylor. That's all you can really say about the Bears 24-21 victory over the undefeated Green Wave in the Superdome.

    Obviously, John Christian, Baylor's redshirt sophomore QB is good, and he's alot better than last year, and he was ready to tear us up for a perfect day through the air and on the ground, throwing for 238 yards and rushing for 2 TDs, and having no turnovers. In fact, Baylor's only turnover of the game was on the opening play where Marlin Nelson recovered Barrett's forced fumble, who fumbled it, which was recovered by Terrance Carr, who lateraled it to Scott Barrett, who scored.

    After that, Tulane scratched their heads as Christian ran for a TD along with Reese, and the Bears had a 17-7 lead with a 21 yard field goal as Tulane's turnovers and bad offense doomed them. Tulane got the game down to 17-14 with a 13 yard TD run by O.J. Clarke, but Christian's 4 yard TD run made it 24-14. Later in the third, after a Baylor punt, Jamal Burns hits J.D. Williams who beats his man for a 89 yard TD! Needless to say, we thought we were back in it, but we couldn't get it going. Jamal Burns got hurt and that led to the Rich Nelson show where he could not deliever on fourth down twice, and the game concluded after the second fourth down as Tulane was out of timeouts, but he had drove them from the six-yard line to 35 or so, so he did the best he could, but it just wasn't good enough as Baylor upset the Green Wave 24-21.


    Jamal Burns (back spasms): 7-15 passing, 160 yards, TD, 2 INT, fumble lost, 11 rush yards
    O.J. Clarke: 16 carries, 136 yards, TD
    Deshawn Larsen: 4 rec, 49 yards
    J.D. Williams: 2 rec, 97 yards, TD
    Dwayne Horne: 7 tackles, 3 TFL, Sack
    Marlin Nelson: 4 tackles, TFL, Sack, FR
    Scott Barrett: 4 tackles, FF, recieved lateral, Def TD

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    WEEK 6

    Utah 28, K-State 21
    Oklahoma St. 20, UL-Laf 10
    #4 TCU 23, Missouri 17
    Iowa State 22, Tulsa 10 (ISU 5-1)
    A&M 53, #23 Arkansas 31


    Virginia 23, #9 GT 21
    Hawai'i 37, #21 Fresno 31
    Cal 13, #16 UCLA 10
    #22 Stanford 34, #18 USC 20
    #7 Ohio State 38, #5 Nebraska 16
    Arizona 28, #13 Oregon State 19
    #24 Florida St 38, #14 Miami 19

    1. Alabama, 2. Iowa, 3. VT, 4. TCU, 5. Boise, 6. Wisky, 7. Ohio St., 8. PITT, 9. Texas, 10. Nebraska
    Big movers: Washington (up 6 to #11), Stanford (8, #14)
    Out: UCLA, Fresno, Arkansas
    In: Utah, aTm, Arizona
    Outside Looking In: UCLA, Houston, Nevada, SCar, UNC, Ark, Fresno, OK St, Auburn

    SURPRISING UNBEATENS: Nevada (no Boise to deal with, this year's Buffalo?), Washington, Stanford, Boston College.


    North: TCU, Iowa State, Utah all undefeated
    South: A&M, Texas undefeated

    UP NEXT: at #4 TCU (5-0)



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