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Thread: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: Club Distances

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    Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: Club Distances

    Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 Assistant Designer Justin Patel (known in the community as HANDSWARD) has posted several tables breaking down the club distances, maximum pitch/flop distances, chip distances, and boost benefit.

    I've seen a lot of talk about club distances so I figured I would chime in. Yes, we did reduce club distances this year. We mainly got into how much the club tuner was adding to the distances and we have scaled that back. Here is a chart that shows the club distances at 3 different stages.

    1) A brand new golfer with 10 swing speed and 0% power in club tuner.
    2) A maxed golfer with 100 swing speed and 0% power in club tuner.
    3) A maxed golfer with 100 swing speed and 100% power in club tuner.

    This should give everyone a good idea on how far the golfer hits the ball and how much further shots go after tuning your clubs.

    Post in this thread at the EA Forums with any questions you may have. Please keep all questions on the topic of club distances and club tuner.

    Max pitch/flop yardages:

    New distances on chips:

    For Amateurs, boost will add:

    Driver ~30 yards

    Woods ~26-30 yards (depends on which wood)

    Irons ~15-25 yards (depends on which iron)

    Wedges ~7-14 yards (depends on which wedge)

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    I think it would be cool, for the purest of the game to not be able to build up past a certain point. I've been playing golf since highschool and I'm not pro but just playing more and more isn't going to give me more distance. I'm comfortable with my club distances in real life and have NO desire to hit a PW 148 yards! That's crazy talk. Maybe down hill from an elevated tee, but not truely level tee to pin.

    In real life for me a 140-150 is an 8 iron, 150-160 would be a 7 iron, these of course are on flat level ground, not taking into account elevation changes.

    I think it would be cool to be able to build your own golfer and have his/her stats/abilities stay at a certain range. I also enjoy playing this game on tour pro so you can't do the added spin, power stuff, that's too video game to me, I like the real thing.

    In the past versions of this game you could build your golfers distances up so much that even playing from the tips came down to HAMMER DRIVER then SW in. I'd like to be able to use more than a handful of clubs in my bag. Guess I could tee off with a 3 iron.

    I guess what I'm saying is, to make it realistic to me. I'd like to be able to add the new clubs and build up the outfits but leave my stats at the "0" golfer, those seem realistic to me.

    Watching golf on TV they don't always tell you the entire story. They may be on a par 3, 190 yards and they might be hitting an 8 iron, that may sound crazy but they don't explain if they are teeing off from an elevated tee box. Don't get me wrong these PGA guys can SMASH the ball DEEP but it's not always as it appears.

    By the way, pre-ordered my collector's edition last night at Gamestop. CAN'T WAIT! :-)



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