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Thread: State of Decay 2 (XB1) - May 22, 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaymo76 View Post
    I was going to get this because I enjoyed the first one but I can't find a reason to bite on this one as it pretty much looks the same. I was hoping for a lot more stuff.
    How much stuff do you need my friend? I can give you stuff in game. Lots of stuff if necessary. Can drop stuff on the ground, let you dig into my stash for stuff, break down rucksacks full of stuff or you can dig in the back of my pick em up truck and get stuff from the back of the cab. Stuff can't be the issue because I can provide stuff out the wazoo. Stuff you never ever saw in the original game. Fresh stuff 100% guaranteed.

    Also in regards to stuff, since the topic has not yet been exhausted. Each of the three maps in the game are as large as the whole map in SOD1. So more land = more stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdoughty View Post
    Me and Smooth got some co-op last night. Worked pretty well outside of a few disconnects on my end and small lag but nothing unplayable. Also for some crazy reason it would let me use the door slam right when we joined up but after getting out and back in every door was off limits (happened both sessions). The way they split up and let everyone have certain loot crates to rummage through works well. Plus you can drop any item on the ground for someone else to get. Playing Co-op serves a solid purpose as you get to take back influence (basically money/player XP) and loot back to your base. Plus you get rewards for playing multiplayer after each session. In the two sessions it gave me a bunch of painkillers and other first aid items that may not seem like much for someone not playing this game but they are welcome to my lovable group of misfits.

    A couple patches and we can really have something special here. Offline and Co-op.

    Hope you are enjoying that new house. Got lucky an bought it 30 minutes later and nobody was inside it to begin with so we just rolled in. Then unlucky to have it attacked a by two hordes right after buying it and almost losing a new recruit.

    By the way you really have to watch for bloaters laying in the road when playing. I screamed into the headset just a second before you hit one on our first go, realizing I had no mic as my player was melting from the green gas inside the truck. It took like 60% of my players health, thankfully my OCD requires me to keep at 100%. Just one of the fun little things that happen when you play SOD2.

    We even had a Metal Gear Solid moment.
    That was fun last night! I can't wait for us to get a 3 or 4 person team together! Other than the bit of lag at times, which hopefully can be cleared up with some behind the scenes work by Undead Labs, and the error codes and disconnects you had a couple times, it was pretty solid.

    I didn't know that about the doors. Hopefully that's something that will be cleaned up in the day one patch on Tuesday.

    I love how they handled loot. Every container I could loot was gold colored, bdoughty had blue containers of his own he could loot (I couldn't interact with them at all), I imagine if we added a third or fourth person, they too would have had their own containers to loot. So everyone does get to loot containers and gets to collect goodies to take back to their own games. All of that on top of the influence and skill experience that you gain as well. So your survivor that you bring into a friend's game still continues building up their skills and getting stronger/better, and you get a ton of free loot to take back to your own game without having to go through and clean out a bunch of buildings in your own world.

    I didn't know that about the rewards you get after each session. That's awesome and gives an extra reason to not only play co-op in your own sessions, but also go and join other players sessions, knowing you'll get a nice big reward afterwards. I too would happily take a ton of painkillers and other first aid items. Those are the ones I am struggling with the most, I can't keep a supply of first aid items built up without completely depleting my Medicine resources.

    Absolutely agreed, get some of the bugs patched up and a couple other things, and this game is going to be an absolute gem both solo and co-op. I'm hoping the day one patch (which I read somewhere is supposed to be pretty big in size) will squash a lot of the bugs and issues and clean things up right off the bat. Technically right now could still be considered early access/pre-release since the game doesn't even officially launch for another day.

    And yeah, sorry about that bloater. I must have taken my eyes off the road ahead of us for a second and didn't notice it until I was already driving over it. I hate those damn bloaters that lay in the road. Goddamn zombie IEDs.
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    Went to the one dept type store in town and got a really cheap headset to get by until I find one on Amazon that I really like and have the money to afford it.

    Let's make a simple rule which I am pretty sure we can agree on, no discussion of politics or religion. Also no discussion of OU choking to Georgia would be swell.



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