• Help Provide In-game Feedback to the NBA Live Dev Team

    The next time you fire up NBA Live 15, look for an brief in-game two-part survey to help provide feedback to the development team.

    The survey asks users to rate how likely they are to recommend the game to a friend or family member and also three items from a list as to why they gave it the rating they did.

    Continue on to see our thoughts on the survey and the complete list of questions and options.

    TGT Takeaway: This in-game survey methodology is welcome and should be utilized more. It reaches the core fan base they wish to expand and satisfy without being open to the general public, where results could be skewed by voters who are basing responses on stereotypes or biases without actually having played much of the game.

    Hopefully the Live dev team can and will expand the frequency and scope of these in-game surveys to provide feedback on features and other specific game aspects throughout the season and development cycle. The NBA Live fan base is passionate and should be utilized as a resource by the dev team as much as possible.

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