• NBA 2K19 Expands & Revamps MyTEAM

    Through a trailer and developer blog, NBA 2K has released info on changes coming to MyTEAM in NBA 2K19 which includes new modes, better rewards system, and improved UI & notifications.

    New modes coming to MyTEAM include MyTEAM Unlimited, Triple Threat, Triple Threat Online, and Daily Trials. Existing game modes such as Challenges and Domination have been refreshed to make them more unique and user-friendly, particularly as it relates to rewards.

    Content will be increased in 2K19 with earlier chances than ever to earn a Pink Diamond player. In addition, the newest and most rare type of card in MyTEAM will be Galaxy Opal while new Heat Check cards will see players able to play at a higher level in-game following an outstanding performance in real life.

    Continue on to see the trailer and click here to read the lengthy developer blog.

    Introducing the new and improved MyTEAM mode inside NBA 2K19. From 3-on-3 to the all-new triple threat and triple threat online, find new ways to compete in your favorite fantasy card collecting game.

    Some highlights of NBA 2Ks updated MyTEAM mode, include:

    MyTEAM UNLIMITED MyTEAM Unlimited is an all-new competitive online mode that lets you bring your best lineup of 13 players to take on rivals across the globe!
    TRIPLE THREAT - MyTEAM's single player experience where you play 3-on-3 against all 30 NBA teams, one division at a time.
    DAILY TRIALS - An all-new mode in MyTEAM where you earn MyTEAM Points for completing special objectives daily as you play NBA2K19.
    HEAT CHECK CARDS - These are special cards that provide a stat bonus for 48-hours whenever an associated NBA player performs a great game in real life.

    In case you missed it in the developer blog, here is the first Locker Code of the year for NBA 2K19:

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