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Thread: New Online Dynasty

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    New Online Dynasty

    So it let me create an Online Dynasty with no mess ups as of this moment. It is in the Preseason still. I used VikesFans rosters so they are this seasons rosters. Let me know if you want in, its any team. Not to many restrictions, just to have fun. No 4th down cheese, only when the game is on the line. Only looking for about 8 maybe 10 users. Not overly crowded. My sliders are ones I use for offline dynasty but they will change if the majority wants them to. Just message me on here, Xbox llIlIllIlII or facebook James Voss. You can't reserve a team, first come first serve. I know about the group me stuff but I would rather set up a facebook chat for the dynasty if at all possible.

    Update Oct 14, 3 users 3 teams taken so far, Clemson, Florida State and Oklahoma State. Still preseason to give the new guys time to set up preseason stuff. Advanced pushed to sunday. Anyone else interested let me know.

    Update Oct 20, 5 users, teams taken Clemson, Florida State, Washington, NC State, Oklahoma State. Week 2. You do not need Groupme to join, That is a stupid requirement to have. I know that it helps set up games easier but it is not a requirement. Spots still open.
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