OK, so we have been doing this for a good bit now, not only for NCAA 14, but past years' games. July is here and I know a lot of folks will and still have that NCAA bug!

We have 3 leagues currently running and need to fill some spots! If anyone that still plays sim style online dynasty football can come join the fun. Our first league is a 6 star league and we're several seasons in after rebooting a few times to keep things fresh. This league you can join in as any team as you wish. The next league is a 4 star league where you can only jump in as a team rated 83 or below OVERALL. The last league is a brand new 1 star that was just created and is still in preseason waiting for players. Everyone will start out as a 1 star team and progress from there.

**Most of the folks playing here are older. (meaning in college or graduated college)

***Please read the rules below and contact the gamertag below if your interested in joining. All leagues advance every other night!!

****We do not allow custom playbooks because this creates a glitch in the dynasty!!!

This is for xbox 360 MESSAGE GT: DJACEMAB1914 or tweet @ me @djacemab1914 if you want in!

1. This is a 6 Star dynasty, 4 star league dynasty, 1 star dynasty
2. There is absolutely no cheating, cheesing, stat boosting, or glitching tolerated!
3. No Restarts!! for any reason without proven justification why the restart was needed!
4. All users are expecting to play their CPU games as well as their user vs user games. If you cannot play or do not want to please set yourself to auto.
5. All users MUST punt on 4th down when playing another user, unless you're down in the 4th quarter fighting to come back.
6. All users are expected to recruit for new talent and participate in offseason activities.
7. The league will advance every other night regardless if you played or not unless otherwise stated by the commish!
8. All users must cap off their points against the CPU at 70. Do not score over 70 points!!!
9. Sportsmanship - All users should demonstrate sportsmanship when playing their opponent.
10. If a user breaks any of these rules, commish will remove scholarships, sim games, or remove you!