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Thread: Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR Game Update 1.02 Now Available

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    Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR Game Update 1.02 Now Available

    Game update 1.02 is now available for Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR.

    The update unlocks TPC Scottsdale for all users in Play Now, Tour Pro career, and also in online modes. It also allows users to earn XP while playing the Night Club Challenge.

    Gameplay improvements include tuning to the spin attribute and to the advanced swing.

    Continue on to see the game update notes via the PS4 notes. Should EA release a more detailed list, we will add it here.

    - Added TPC Scottsdale Course Play Now, Tour Pro career, and online modes.
    - Tuned Spin attribute
    - Created golfers now earn XP in Night Club Challenge
    - Grass now reacts to wildlife
    - Reduced Flickering in certain areas
    - General Game Improvements
    - Online Stability Improvements
    - Tuned Advanced Swing

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    I provided a more detailed list of what is fixed in the patch on the EA Forums. Here it is:

    Update 1.02 Fixes:
    - Added TPC Scottsdale in Play Now, Tour Pro and Online modes
    - Tuned affect of spin attribute across each club type
    - Created golfers now earn XP in Night Club Challenge
    - Updated licensed golfer attributes based on real world performance
    - Wildlife improvements
    - Reduced flickering in certain areas
    - General audio improvements
    - General UI improvements
    - Online server stability fixes
    - Added quicker way to restart challenges in Night Club
    - Tuned forward swing speed on Advanced Swing
    - Added a new form of mishit to Advanced Swing
    - Tuned ball bounce and roll behavior on shorter shots
    - Increases online h2h session lobby times up to 90 seconds
    - Fixed location of Online IDs in H2H when using the hole map
    - Fixed several host migration issues
    - Fixed bad ball drop camera in certain situations
    - Fixed rare failed Big Hit Moment
    - Fixed UI hanging when accessing save files
    - Fixed randomization of course settings in ranked online h2h
    - Fixed blank scorecards and failed score tracking in the HUD in online h2h
    - Fixed spectate cameras rarely not cycling in online h2h
    - Fixed issue where match play would sometimes load as stroke play in play now
    - Fixed issue where upslope and downslope would sometimes not factor into ball launch
    - Fixed some VoIP issues in Online h2h
    - Fixed rumble not working at times on games using multiple controllers
    - Fixed carry distance not working at times in Night Club
    - Fixed some framerate issue when using aiming arc
    - Added more telemetry hooks

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    Thanks guys!
    The dude abides.

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