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Thread: PS3 Rebuilding Dynasty

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    PS3 Rebuilding Dynasty

    Curious if there's any interest in creating 10+ seasons league. Everyone would start with a 1-2 star team and rebuild them into a power program. Only looking for serious users interested that play realistic. This is NOT for extremely competitive users that enjoy talking trash all the time! I want this to be a friendly league so everyone can have fun. Also, using Group Me so make sure you have the app.

    Offense: Heisman
    Defense: All American
    Quarter Length: 7 minutes
    Game Speed: Normal
    Speed Threshold: 20
    HFA: Off
    Coach Level: 20
    Week Advances: 24-36 hrs

    Teams Taken

    UL Lafayette
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    Preseason is starting tonight. There is a total of 4 users so far.

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    yo bro did you get my email?

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    I would like to join

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