Johntom2000's FSU Fastbreak Offense

Let me introduce you to the fastest offense on earth! The FSU 1994 Fast break offense custom playbook that is ranked #2 on Simsports!

As for the running plays: Toss, Sweep, Power O/Off Tackle/Dive/Iso/Blast, Fullback Trap/Dive, Fullback Belly, Strongside Sprint Draw, Weakside Sprint Draw, and Counter I Formation Runs. An for all means add the OPTION! (Also put in HB Direct in your playbook from Shotgun 4 Wide set)

As for passing Z, Y, X, and T Shallow Cross and the down the field vert plays. Most of the routes are post cornors, cornors, hitches, curls, zigs, fly, etc. Most of your deep down the field routes mixed with short routes. More long then short routes tho.

1. Base - This was a 2 wr, 1 te, 2 back set. (Include Shotgun formations)
2. Panther - This is 3 wr and 2 backs. (Includes I-Form/Strong/Weak Slot)
3. Rifle - This is 4 wr with 1 back.

You will also need complimenting offensive sets like
1. SG 5 wide
2. I Form sets that have the 1TE, 2wr, 2 back personel included.
3. Pro Form - any of the pro forms will work
4. Strong twins, Weak normal,Strong Normal, Weak twins - all these have 1 te 2 wr and 2 backs

You can also add in SG Normal with audibling to Ace Y strips or SG Y trips.

Basically you are a little handcuffed because with the FSU offense they could come out in a SG Split which is FSU's BASE formation and call any SG Split play or audible to any of these formations:
1. I Form normal
2. I form Twins
3. Strong/ Weak Normal
4. Strong/ Weak Twins
5. Pro Form normal

Lets say there are 10 plays per formation, that is over 80 possible plays you could see. Not that you would, but that is the potential. Now you have only 5 audibles to run along with you original play call. Hope this gets you started.

Note not all these formations has to be in the playbook. The pdf for the offense had the I -form normal, slot, and twins as their base I formations. The weak and strong was a "option" install If needed. Feel free to pick the formations you want to run. but, stay with the core of the offense system to get the best results.

To sum it up, your working out I-Form/Strong/Weak formations and Shotgun formatioins with one or two Singleback formations to swtich from Ace to Shotgun with little movement. This offense is made to go from one formation to another very smoothly basically running the same plays. This should be a very FUN offense to run!

FSU 94 Fast Break Offense

When it comes to the passing concepts I think mark richt built many of FSU passing concepts around the shallow route. To make the Fastbreak offense more explosive and simplistic like it was in 93 I have added as many shallow concept plays for panther and rifle formations as I could. What I did next was organized them from what works best on the left hash, between the hash marks, and right hash. It makes it easier to call the plays and it keeps me from getting to complicated when I transition to the different I formations.

These are my 12 formations

I Form Normal
I Form Twins
I Form Slot
SG Split -Base split
SG Split Offset - Panther split (I think this is from UGA playbook it has more of the Shallow routes in it, although its not the original alighnment)
SG Split Twins
SG Spread Flex -Rifle Split
SG Spread Flex Wk - Rifle Split
SG Spread Base
Split - Pro

NOTE: Singleback formatioins is to you as it was in the offense back in '94 and stated in the Offense notes/PDF.

I have 2 audibles dedicated to base sets then my other 3 audibles are I form slot flex, I form Normal, and I form Twins. I can really confuse the defense. It gives me access to so many plays after I call my no huddle play.

I don't use the split pro or army split that much. FSU didn't use it that much either but it was popular in 1994. Its really a quick transition. The only player that moves is the QB from center to gun position. I can get out of a bad pro split play call pretty easily.

From The pro formations standpoint. I played with them and really didn't get much out of them so, I probably won't even add them. As for the I form plays I like to switch them out to have the option (load, speed, and power) and the option pass plays also. The same goes with the SG dual RB formations. I add the option plays in there also but, look for alot passing plays that include the RB's on swing routes and flat routes.

As for the Singleback formations, I am thinking keeping the Trio formation as it has the same formation in the Shotgun also. This also goes for the Slot formation that has it both in WKU and UGA playbook. When I looked at the PDF I only saw Slot and Y-Trips in it so, I may just keep them. NOTE: Its up to you when it comes to Singleback. In the final version I didn't add none.

I add all the shallow crosses I can get in (X, Y, Z, and sometimes H) then stick, verts, mesh etc....from what I read for the PDF its run first offense then when the defense loads the box and then BAM let it fly over the top. Which that's how I play but, I got side tracked with all the Air Raid which isn't really how I row.

I been taking notes on the past few days from the PDF that has FSU 94 offense and took it for a test run in a OD game tonight in theory from WKU playbook (I just love that playbook, it has this offense we are talking about in planted in it). An lord to be hold I ended beating on of the top guys in the league just by running I-Form Power O, Blast, and Iso. Then piggy backing off PA Power O when he loads the box. So, the offense does work that's for sure. NOTE I done the playbook with UGA playbook but, WKU playbook is suitable as well.

I am a run first to setup the pass type of guy. I was looking for a fast offense to allow to do this. An BAM! I found this offense and after talking to true blue FSU fans about this offense and studying it for nearly a week. It has what I like which are:

1) Power running
2) taking long shots down the field when they load the box.
3) shallow cross as it passing core base.
4) matching personal based off matching formations. (This year no huddle system is made for this offense.)
5)An you can make this offense with as little as 12 formations and add the option to it.
You have a nasty little offense.

Enjoy guys,