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Thread: Good playbook to run with VT Hokies?

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    Question Good playbook to run with VT Hokies?

    I need a playbook to fit their style they run in run life. Spread? Spread Option? Air Raid? Option? Pass Balance? Run Balance? Pistol? Pro Style?

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    Weirdly enough VT is one of the teams that can really run ANY offense. I know it sounds cliche, (because they run a multiple offense) but it's true... Ideally If this for a dynasty, you can have some great season to come.

    They are good to run a spread and spread option, because of the mobility of ALL 3 of there Quarterbacks and the speed they have a both HB and WR. Many 90+ speed guys to spread the ball out to. Me personally, with their roster, I would probably lean more toward a power spread rather than a high octane Auburn or Oregon spread. Although I think both of those PB and styles would work would

    The Air Raid offense can also work, The most important attribute I would say is QB Accuracy.. QB#3 has a 82 accuracy, which is the lowest out of the top 3 QBs He does have a very strong are though (90 TPW) With smart efficient passing, This can help a QB with a lower QB accuracy. In a nut shell, the Air Raid offense is many different formations, with the same routes. Along with that, You have a great run game to keep the offense honest

    Option offense can work as well. QB #3 and both So. HB are speed demons to get the balls on the wing to. Along with that, You have Other bigger HB to sub in at the full back, as well as a decent FB to carry the ball, Unsure if he is someone who can carry the load..

    Pass or Run Balance offense maybe the best because it gives you a good mix to use everyone on your roster. The biggest problem sometimes is it hard to find an identity with these offensives but they can most definitely be arguably the explosive and dynamic when they do....

    Pistol offensive is one of my favorite, But i can be a bit tough to get used to. It essentially a spread offensive set-up, with HB behind the QB. This always makes your offense both a running and pass threat. You also have many different plays and players to get the ball in space...

    Finally my favorite offense the pro-style offense. It is such a simple offense to execute! You can open up with short pass and build up your run game or open up with short passes to open up your pass. It's really a beautiful offense. It's nothing like call HB Iso or HB Power and KNOWING the defense can't stop it. For pro-style you will need a TE more then likely and a RB that might need to carry the rock 20-25 times a game. Which might be hard with the top to guys you have now. It can work with the two speed guys just unorthodox..

    Ultimately the choice is your ALL are great choices. IMO It's just up to you you see one you feel you can execute the best..

    Also keep in mind the great defense will help you out a lot!!!! Rated 95 overall?? Oh yeah they will help you out!!!



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