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Thread: 4-2-5 weakness and 3-3-5 weakness

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    Both defenses are made to go up against the spread with safeties or hybrid LB's in traditional LB positions. It's just more speed out there on the field. They have to compensate for the fact that they have safeties playing LB's. Running the ball under center is the best way to counter those defenses. Not really rocket science

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    Why was my post deleted?

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    The 4-2-5 is best suited for pass heavy offenses in NCAA 14. The biggest weaknesses are the favorable matchups for slot recievers versus the two Linebackers. I use traditional Linebackers in the role, but use them mostly in blitz or zone support. I use three plays including cover 1 (SS & LB Zone/ everyone else Man); Cover 2 (Man w/ SS & FS Zone), and LB Blitz (Man w/ LB Blitzing). This stops running up the middle. If a team is using zone read option with multiple pitch options hot route LB's to read the QB while attempting to push through with a defensive lineman.

    4-2-5 is the hardest defense to break with heavy man coverage and speed breaking up running attempts. Quick passes to slot recievers and slam runs are the best way to defeat this defense as long as you are able to read which style they are using to defeat you. I hope this helps.

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