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Thread: NCAA 14 retail sliders... what works for you???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudy View Post
    I've been running Heisman offense and AA defense. My passing skills are terrible. I think I get worse every year. I've got pass coverage at 0 lol.

    One of the things I have done with coach skills is max out the matchup stick so I can see the wr match ups and choose accordingly.

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    I just wanted to say thank you. I been really frustrated with the game lately. Tried your slider settings today, and they are just about perfect!

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    I just got NCAA 14 about a few months ago and just started dynasty. Took me a bit to find sliders that I like and using Playmakers set.

    I do have one question.

    In his set, it says this

    "Game Plan Options Switch Both Human & CPU to Conservative for Big Hits and Aggressive for Strip the ball."

    I know how to set these options for Human, but how can I do that for the CPU?



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