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Thread: Player Models & Animations - College Football 15 Wish List & Feedback

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    Player Models & Animations - College Football 15 Wish List & Feedback

    Player Models & Animations

    Use this thread for wish list & feedback items relating to changes or improvements you would like to see in NCAA Football 15.

    Be clear, but concise in making your wishes. Any off-topic posts will be deleted.

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    How about NCAA takes a note from Madden's playbook and give us about 5-10 generic throwing motions for the quarterbacks. Side arm, quick release, high release, long wind up...those are just some ideas for the throwing motions. I think that the designers need to sit down for a whole Saturday and just watch some of the small subtlties and nuances of player movement, before the ply, during the play, and after the play. With NCAA '15 coming out on the PS4 there is no reason they can't make a game that can do all these things.

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    You should just completely redo the player models. They've always looked cartoony/dolls and have been the same since Ncaa Football 11.

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    I agree that the player models look cartoonish. The game would look a lot better and more realistic with updated models. I do not know what the PS4 and Xbox One are capable of, but it sounds like EA should not have any excuses. I think that the customization should be made easier. Instead of sliding through face 1, face 2, etc., they should have a drop down menu that shows me what the faces look like at once. This would make the customization process faster. It would also be great if there would be a seperate option for hair. There needs to be new hair styles (long hair that are not dreads!) (Dont know how to explain, so Barrett Jones because I know they know of him because he gets earned through nike skills trainer.)

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    Hair Styles we can see! Seriously, these would add a lot to the models. Stupid to some but it adds so much in the way of customization options.

    Throwing motions and running motions need to be added to the game. Player models need more definition. Madden 25 looks good on next gen, hopefully NCAA takes after that. They've always stayed more generic so as "not to model" any actual players...

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