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Thread: The Gaming Tailgate Podcast Ep. 29 - NCAA Football 14 Strategy Guide Interview

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    The Gaming Tailgate Podcast Ep. 29 - NCAA Football 14 Strategy Guide Interview

    In this edition of the TGT Podcast, Chris interviews author ZFarls to learn more about NCAA Football 14 and the NCAA Football 14: Official Players Guide. Make sure to listen to the whole show to learn how to get a free spread option gameplay tip video from ZFarls & SGibs as a "thank you" to the TGT community and for listening to the show.

    The Gaming Tailgate Podcast is also available on iTunes. Copy the following address into iTunes or any other RSS client that supports enclosures:

    To submit show feedback, ask a question, or suggest a topic for a future show, e-mail the guys at or post your thoughts below.

    Listen to the show here or right click and save as:

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    As always, good job

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    he talks fast

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    Never bought one of these guides b/c I always felt they were pretty poor depth wise in the past but sounds like these guys have stepped up the quality at least.

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    has anybody ever purchased one of these within the last couple of years? is it worth it?

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    I have bought the guide the last 5 yrs. or more and some disappoint but last years was beyond bad no rosters except for its top 25 no real strategy for new plays just lists of formations for each team listed and top 3 impact players. I'm undecided if I will get this one but if I do pick it up the quality of this one will determine if I ever buy another one

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