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    psuexv | USC Trojans

    Scouting Report for the USC Trojans

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    Plays almost exclusively our of Ace Slot or SG Normal. Likes to run shallow crossing routes, if you're in zone be aware of the Dig route by his tight end as if you come up to cover the shallow he's got two 90+ tight ends he doesn't mind throwing to. When in SG Normal his #1 running play was zone read and he likes to keep it with the QB, I'm really not sure if he's reading this play as it seems as though he's utilizing the TE as an extra blocker and I was able to tackle him for a loss more than a few times - don't over play the keep with your LBers however as he'll hand the ball off. He'll also give up a pressure sack, however if he recognizes Cover 0 or a middle field coverage he's got no problems throwing it up to his 99 OVR WR who is probably better than the guy you've got covering him. Likes the slant and out routes, goes heavy on the out route if you're in a middle field coverage (C1 or C3). His running game consisted mainly of zone runs or draws on 3rd and long, he didn't really get a lot going here and seemed to abandon the run game from time to time. Despite not bringing one in my DB's had their hands on passes quite often throughout the game, if any one of the four errant passes were caught the outcome would have been different.


    Almost exclusively in 43 Normal, although he'll move into an Over/Under front from time to time and will bring the safety down if you're in a pro set. Likes to bring pressure on 3rd down, if you keep a back in you'll probably pick it up as he rarely brings seven. Plays solid on defense but it was hard to get a read as my offense was playing horrible and my play calling never really forced him out of his base defense. While USC played well on defense, I didn't call a great game and played right into the defense he was calling.

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    Duplicate post.



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