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    ryby6969 | Alabama Crimson Tide

    Scouting Report for the Alabama Crimson Tide

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    All-American Papa LoneStar's Avatar
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    Offense: Very balanced....a little zone read, power running out of pistol, short, middle, long passing. Great pocket awareness with QB....if everybody is covered well, will NOT be shy with taking off with the QB who is Tebow, Jr with his break tackle skills.

    Defense: you a little of everything with man/zone blitz, man/zone coverage. Controls the MLB and does it very, very well. Will roam the middle,blitz, and assign himself to a TE/back in coverage.

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    Booster JeffHCross's Avatar
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    Balanced offensive playcalling, mixing run and pass effectively. WR Williams, WR Williams, WR Williams, WR Williams. Throws short to medium, but will throw deep if it's there.

    On defense, plays the 3-4. Life Papa said, controls the MLB well, but he'll switch off quickly if he thinks he can make a play.
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