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Thread: Escobar | Texas A&M Aggies

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    Escobar | Texas A&M Aggies

    Scouting Report for the Texas A&M Aggies

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    Offense: Simply....very beastly. I felt good about holding him to 200 yards rushing early this season. Zone reads, counters, screens, better be ready to defend it all out of a spread set. Make sure you can tackle well in space or you will be abused. The key to my 2 straight wins (besides having better talent with LSU vs A&M) is to limit the big plays. If you force him to drive up the field could force a turnover in the passing game as his athletic QBs normally struggle with accuracy.

    Defense: 4-2-5....has VERY athletic safeties....super fast. Like to play a lot of man and will blitzes those fast safeties about 50% of the time. A power running game will be a plus vs his D as his D-line has trouble getting off blocks against good run blocking offensive linemen.

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    Offense: Started the game in 3, 4 and even 5-wide formations. Runs no huddle when he's pressing an advantage, either scheme or pace. Likes deep routes like verticals and wheels if he can get an edge on your safeties. Mixes it up with the run well, though, so you can't just sit back and key on the pass. Runs Zone Read and other options in a decent mix. Gets the ball to his playmakers, including former-HB now-WR B. Williams. Definitely wants the big play / quick drive if he can get it.

    Defense: Base 4-2-5, zone defense. Expect a steady diet of it. He'll even stick in 4-2-5 against 4 WRs if he feels like it. He'll dial up the pressure on passing downs and force you to beat him -- you probably won't. Two of my four sacks allowed were to unblocked defenders.
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