So I want to practice practice practice, however I've set my default game settings to Heisman set here:

I really enjoy the challenge of these sliders IN GAME. The problem is I want to practice my playbook and more importantly practice with my dynasty players as people get injured or I move on to a new season the players will no longer be the default set. When I'm in the normal practice mode with the QB accuracy set to 0, the QB can't throw the ball anywhere but out of bounds or a he throws little 2 yard flips like his wrist is broken. The sliders work great when you're in an actual game but not on the practice field. Same goes for being on the practice field inside the dynasty. I have these same sliders for my dynasty and again the games are great, my QB will miss some throws from time to time but for the most part if I make good reads he's about 60% accurate which is realistic enough for me. The problem again is when I go to the practice field. I'll try and throw a screen for example and he slams the ball into the ground about 2 feet in front of him. Or on a out route he'll throw the ball a good 40 yards out of bounds. It's kinda funny the WR or TE will stop and look up and watch the ball sail over them.

Besides resetting the sliders each time I want to play is there any other way to go to the practice field and actually practice? I go to the practice field so much b/c I'm trying to learn which routes are better vs which coverages and just get better in general, but it's hard to learn much when I read the proper reads then attempt to throw to the WR but the QB acts like his throwing hand is covered in grease.

I don't really want to have to keep changing the sliders back and forth just to practice, does anyone else have any suggestions?