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Thread: OD & League Classifieds Posting Format

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    Administrator cdj's Avatar
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    May 2010

    OD & League Classifieds Posting Format

    When posting a thread looking for Online Dynasty members, you must copy the format below or risk the thread being deleted.

    Thread Title:
    (PS3) The Tailgate Football League
    Put console format in parenthesis followed by league name.

    First post:
    Console & League name - (PS3) The Tailgate Football League
    League Difficulty: All-American
    Teams available/custom conference layout: Big 12. North contains original teams, South now has six SEC squads.
    Schedule (How quickly will weeks be advanced): 1 game per week.
    Scheduling: Post website/forum address or if you will use your Classified thread.
    Rules: Sim style. No-huddle when realistic, one onside per game, etc.
    Any other relevant information.

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    Freshman zacattak's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Stationed at Mcchord AFB, WA
    Looking for a 360 league
    gameplay-All-American/Heisman, Recruiting-Varsity/All-American
    Normal Conferences
    any games per week
    REAL FOOTBALL(Punting, Field goals, onside(when necessary), etc..)
    Ill be deployed with no Live access until about August 10th. Hope to start after that. anyone else interested let me know

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    Looking to Join PS3 Dynasty.
    All American/Heisman, Recruiting any, any for everthing basically.
    Conferences any.
    Maybe up to 4 games a week would work for me also.

    Please let me know if anybody needs somebody for ps3, I can start right now.


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    Looking for a 3 Star or less online dynasty for xbox. committed player and also have a friend who will join as well. Gt is Spookster921 email:

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    Freshman Rob Wells's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Nashville, TN.
    Looking for a 360 league, any level or format. 360GT - Highlander424

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    Looking for a 1 to 3 star online dynasty on the PS3. All difficulties on AA or Heisman, and have recruitment assistance off. I'm willing to play 3 to 5 games per week. I don't have a mic currently until after christmas.

    PS3 ID is MysticalDL



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