So I've been trying to figure out a better slider set for coordinator dynasties and my own gaming ability. I'd been playing with SECElite's AA sliders from OS, shown on my dynasty at but as you can see, the results have not only been realistic for the poor teams I've been playing as, but also blowouts much of the time.

I decided to try running a couple of games as OC with a poor team vs decent team on stock Varsity and stock AA, 5 minutes (normally played 8 minutes) and here are the results:

Varsity: WMU vs. Michigan

It seemed as though the defensive secondary's tracking on pass plays was a lot slower, and my receivers had fewer drops. I had more success with the run as I played, perhaps just a sign of getting used to the team. I usually turned over the ball more often, especially via interceptions with the AA sliders. Also, the game was much closer than it looks, as I was running out the clock by running when I scored the final TD.

All-American: WMU vs. Michigan

Huh... I may just try to run my dynasty from the AA stock sliders now. I'm not sure if it's more my ability, players' abilities, or the sliders themselves that have made my play so difficult with the slider set I used previously. Any recommendations? Perhaps I should tweak my original slider set? I like the realism, it shouldn't be so easy for me to win, but perhaps there's a midpoint between the stock AA and my old set.