This is going to be a very smooth running dynasty. I came to this site to recruit the players that love the online dynast. At the moment I am at 2 users, looking for more, of course.

Right now it looks like this is going to be a 3 star Dynasty- 3 star teams include.. (per NCAA11)
-Boston College
-Mich St.
-Ole Miss
-Washington (among many more)

The reason i do the 3 star dynasty is simple.. Not only can you recruit at a high level (as long as you work at it) but it is still a challenge.
-Heisman difficulty
-6min. quarters
-NO ICE KICKER (stupid funtion)
-home field on
-Heisman recruiting.
-The first few days will be advanced 2-4 times.. Once we get into the second week it will go to 1, maybe 2 advances a day. Do the math-were gonna fly through seasons...

I have taken Texas Tech, if interested post on the thread and send an XBOX friend request to ii IrishTeo5 ix

Good luck this NCAA season to all!