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Thread: How To Scout And Draft The Best Players In Madden 24 Franchise Mode

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    How To Scout And Draft The Best Players In Madden 24 Franchise Mode

    How To Scout And Draft The Best Players In Madden 24 Franchise Mode

    Besides using [DELETED COIN SELLING LINK] to build the best team in Ultimate Team Mode, getting new players, relocating, or signing superstar players to massive deals in Madden 24 Franchise mode is cool. Also, this is the best way to evolve your team. However, Madden 24's gameplay in franchise mode improves the process too with more trading slots than previous installments. So, if you're new to the series or just started playing Madden 24, you may be wondering the best way to draft generational talent. We'll explain how in this guide.

    Knowing the Draft Class

    First things first, visit the Region Breakdown Page. From here, you'll learn a few important things right away:

    Draft Class Strength (both region and national)
    Draft Class Weakness (both region and national)
    Top Prospects (both region and national)
    Scout Expertise

    If the position you need contains a strong draft class, you're in luck. However, if the position is weak, you might need to consider trading or signing a player in free agency. If the position isn't mentioned at all, then you'll likely find depth guys and hidden gems.

    Getting the Best Scouts

    The regional breakdown page includes the National, West, Central, Northeast, and Southeast regions. You assign one scout to each region, each with their own tiers and area(s) of expertise:

    Tier One – 5% Boost
    Tier Two – 15% Boost
    Tier Three – 25% Boost

    There is no salary requirement tied to scouts, and you can fire and hire them at any time. A tier-one scout offers very minor boosts. So always make sure you have a tier-three scout as your national scout. This is because they offer the biggest boosts and improve your scouting on a national level.

    Scouting Process

    When you're finished setting up your scouts and evaluating your positional needs, the actual scouting process comes. There are a few major moments to remember:

    Week 3 – Regional Scouting Begins (Mock Draft 1)
    Assign your regional scouts and positions they should focus on
    Week 8 – National Scouting Begins (Mock Draft 2)
    Assign your national scout and positions they should focus on
    Week 11 – Prospect Spotlight (Mock Draft 3)
    Choose three Players to FOCUS SCOUT, giving a 40% boost to scouting progress
    Combine – (Mock Draft 4)
    Check out Player combine performances

    Set your regional scouts to look into specific positions. For example, your scout in the west is a DE guru. So, set him to focus on DEs in the region if that's the position you need.

    Player Ratings

    When grading a player, scouts come up with seven different tiers to grade their performance: Elite, Great, Good, Solid, Decent, Marginal, and Poor. Tiers are important because they give you an idea of a player's rating in specific stats. Therefore, having a prospect with multiple elite or great tiers means a better player for you to draft. Not only do you receive a report from scouts, but over time, you unlock more information about their skills and rating grades. Their grades definitely affect your Madden 24 gameplay experience in the Franchise.

    Now you know every phase of scouting from scouts, schedules, players, and more. Then comes the draft. Based on all the research you've done throughout the season, you can finally select which players you want. Here are a few tips throughout the draft to help you get the players you want in Madden 24's draft mode.

    First off, don't be afraid to trade draft picks. You'll unlikely keep all seven rookies on your team, meaning you can trade for more value in the future. Having extra draft picks means extra ammunition to pick up a stud later. Secondly, combined results and scout grades matter. The most important aspect of evaluating a player is their combined results and their graded performance tiers from the scouts. These performances actually give you an idea of what the Player's ratings may be for certain stats.

    Third, don't worry about the top-rated players in each position too much. Often, there's always a hidden gem or solid development player outside of the top five, even top 10 in some occasions. So if you win the Super Bowl, there's still plenty of talent for you to grab even if they weren't the best-rated prospects. Lastly, development matters in Madden 24 Franchise Mode! So try to draft and retain players with good development skills. Players who develop quickly make for the best in the league after just a couple of short years.

    It ends here. Let us know how much this helped you in the comments below.
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