During a recent series of FOIA request by Extra Points with Matt Brown, the aforementioned author gleaned information regarding EA's request for rivalry game information from universities.

On June 1, 2023, EA SPORTS reached out to schools asking for rivalry games, names (if applicable), trophy names, and more. Additional information can be found in the article by Brown, which is premium content including the form sent to each program.

This reactive methodology by EA makes sense, but leaves the outside possibility some rivalry games could fall through the cracks. For example, some programs are more forthcoming and detailed in submitting information and rivalry games without a corporate sponsor/school-sponsored trophy (EX: Minnesota-Nebraska '$5 Bits of Broken Chair' trophy game) may be overlooked. The trophy idea was spawned via a Twitter conversation between a college mascot and a parody account with the trophy once going missing in 2016 before being rebuilt (re-broke?) again.

What rivalry game trophy/trophies are you hoping to see included in year one of EA SPORTS College Football?