Hit Everything 2.0
Hit Everything expands with new contested catch tackle types that provide more control and tackle variety on defense. Tackle animations are selected more dynamically, which unlocks new and more fluid tackle interactions like Wrap and Scoop tackles.

Skill-Based Passing 2.0
Dive for a winning one-hander with improved catching AI, thread the needle with surgical accuracy using new throw animations, and anticipate more authentic defensive reactions with enhanced DB behavior introduced in Skill-Based Passing 2.0.

AI Enhancements
  • Smarter AI enables smoother and more realistic player action and reaction to the plays you call, providing more confidence your AI teammates will execute your gameplan the way you intend.
  • QB awareness and behavior
  • Ball carrier AI and pathfinding
  • Blocking AI and open field targeting
  • DB awareness & Pass Coverage
  • Post Play Emotion enhancements

Set the stage to be a Super Bowl powerhouse. We’ve got some exciting updates to Franchise mode that are only available on PS5™, Xbox Series X|S, and PC versions, such as:
Upgrade your team with fan favorite mini-games returning to Madden NFL 24. Test your skills with dozens of new mini-games including moving obstacles and destructible targets in Franchise training camp or weekly strategy.

Utilize a streamlined team relocation feature with new cities, logos and uniforms to create your own Franchise story.
Build your future using Free Agency 2.0 by restructuring contracts and making counter offers to cornerstone playmakers.

Acquire and retain superstars using 50 new unique draft generators, new trade logic tuning, six trade slots and new talent trees for coaches.
Use new commissioner tools to customize your experience in online and offline connected leagues.

Mini Games
Mini-Games are also playable from the main menu and are a great way to have fun on the couch while learning how to master Madden NFL 24. With dozens of new mini-games available at launch, fans will have a variety of high scores to set across offense, defense and special teams.

Superstar: The League
Achieve greatness in your NFL career with game-changing control thanks to FieldSENSE. Customize your avatar and build your legacy, progressing from the combine to draft pick to 99 OVR. Navigate all-new mini games and live player grading across a variety of positions.

Superstar: Showdown
Show off and show out in this all-new atmosphere. Progress your avatar and play with and against friends in 3v3 matchups. Call your plays on the fly like a dominant superstar, get real-time player grading, and do it in style sporting the hottest gear in the game.

Ultimate Team
Develop and progress your dream fantasy roster of current NFL stars and Hall of Fame legends faster with new seasons of content throughout the year. Always have something to play for with Field Pass challenges that unlock rewards in Madden Ultimate Team™ and help you build the strongest team possible

In Madden NFL 24, you can play cross-platform in online Head-to-Head, Madden Ultimate Team™, Superstar KO, and Superstar Showdown. Cross-play will be available for players only on PC, PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S.