Last week we let you know that the team is closely monitoring community feedback and today we have a more detailed look at what we are exploring for EA SPORTS PGA TOUR. Many of the topics in this list are being worked on as a result of direct community feedback, but please know it is not comprehensive of everything planned for future updates. We are continually evaluating community feedback and will implement additional adjustments as needed.

3-Click Swing

A staple on golf games for decades, this popular community request will be making a return in an update later this month. Stay tuned to our channels for updates and previews on this new addition in the coming weeks.

Updates to Putting Grids

We have received comments and posts discussing or showing instances where the putting grid bead lines are running in the opposite direction of the break. This has been observed in testing and a fix for this issue will be implemented in an upcoming update.

There will also be an upcoming visual update ensuring the green grid fades away after you hit your putt. This was a popular piece of community feedback and we agree after testing putting grid fading that this implementation enhances immersion.

Online Game Formats

We will be providing updates to online game formats in the live service window. We’ll share more details about these game formats in the future, but we want to assure you that the team has heard the feedback and is working hard to bring you more online choices.

Camera Angle and Zoom Issues

We have been investigating the various reports of certain camera angles sometimes obscuring gameplay; we will be implementing improvements to remedy those issues in future updates.

We are also looking into ways to improve the pre-shot zoom camera with an area of focus being improvements for players who play without the putting grid and need lower camera angles to manually read greens. We will share more on this in the near future.

Career Mode Options

In previous versions of pre-release builds, players had an option for 1 round tournaments which we later had to remove in order to avoid issues with commentary, quests, statistics, and general bugs that were found in pre-release testing. We have heard your feedback around wanting more options outside of Quick Play and Full Rounds during Career Mode and are exploring ways to provide you with more choice in this area.

Cup Physics

As a result of feedback received during early access and launch, we fixed an issue where the visual representation of the cup was slightly larger than its actual size in physics.
This resulted in instances where it appeared that the ball rolled over the edge of the cup when it should have lipped in. This fix will be implemented in an upcoming update.

Fast Play

We are aware of a variety of community feedback around the frequency in which golfer reactions are shown following a shot and various other presentation elements. In response, we will be looking to implement a presentation package called “Fast Play” which allows players to enable/disable an alternative presentation package that skips certain cinematics, such as player reactions, for a fast-paced gameplay experience. We aim to have this new presentation option available in an upcoming update.

Putt Meter and Button Hints

We recognize players have asked for more options to disable shot aids and visual feedback for a more immersive simulation experience. In response to this feedback we will be adding two additional settings to provide further choice in this area, “Putt Meter” and “Button Hints” settings. The "Putt Meter" setting removes the putt meter that's on the ground while putting and the "Button Hints" setting removes the button hints in the bottom of the screen during gameplay.

We aim to have this available in an upcoming update.

Online Matchmaking

We're aware of the challenges some players have had finding opponents and getting into fuller sessions when using online matchmaking. We've already made multiple updates to our matchmaking algorithms to improve how we're grouping players together to get fuller matches and made updates to our matchmaking mode offerings to group players together more effectively. Rest assured that we're exploring all options and are using data to make informed decisions while we continue iterating to get matchmaking into a better state.

Updates Already Implemented as a Result of Community Feedback

We made a variety of changes that made their way into the last pre-launch update, which replaced the Day 0 patch. One of the main changes that came about as a result of community feedback was the removal of text pop-ups or Hole Out VFX over the hole for all games. You now have the option to enable or disable this text.

We also added four new formats, one of each gameplay style to private match, responding to feedback that players wanted the ability to control the difficulty level for their group when playing in a private match.

Below is a list of hotfixes which have gone live:

    • Fixed an issue that was putting players into a repeating loop when trying to claim tournament rewards.
    • Fixed an issue in Career Mode that was causing some users' game to crash when resuming a round of playoffs.
    • Fixed a compatibility issue related to certain monitors and TV’s with Dolby Vision HDR that was causing the game to crash.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause a crash if players changed menu tabs too quickly while tooltips were enabled.