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Thread: EA Confirms 2024 Release Date for EA SPORTS College Football

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    EA Confirms 2024 Release Date for EA SPORTS College Football

    Today, EA SPORTS has announced a summer 2024 release date for EA SPORTS College Football, confirmed two features (Dynasty Mode & Road to Glory), and released work-in-progress screenshots of the title.

    While the February 2, 2021 announcement of College Football's return indicated that generic players may be utilized if NIL rights could not be attained, EA Sports' vice president and general manager Daryl Holt today stated "our intent is to work towards that and find a meaningful way to include them in the game." As of now, all 10 FBS conferences and the College Football Playoff are signed onto the title along with 120 programs. (As of publishing, there is no word on which schools are remaining as holdouts, but EA expects more to join.)

    To very little surprise, the first two confirmed game modes are Dynasty Mode and Road to Glory. The WIP screenshots include two of Brutus Buckeye and one of Michigan Stadium in various stages of design.

    The information and quotes from Holt came via two articles by Michael Rothstein: "EA Sports to release college football game in summer 2024" and "What to know about the new EA Sports college football video game."

    Continue on to see the screenshots and more.


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    Steeply! I'm very much looking forward to the release of EA SPORTS College Football in the summer of 2024. I can't live without games! and always enjoy the game that just came out

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    Yeah it sucks we have to wait till summer of 24. I was looking forward to playing just like everyone else. But if it means itís not a Madden reskin then so be it. Iíll wait till 24 and be just as jacked.

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