Courtesy the Orlando Sentinel and coming as no surprise, EA SPORTS College Football will be developed at EA Tiburon, the home of Madden NFL and where NCAA Football was also produced. However, before full-fledged production can begin, EA will be looking to flesh out the College Football development team.

Its not like we have a group of people just sitting around doing nothing that are waiting to build College Football, [EA COO and CFO Blake] Jorgensen said. Were going to need to grow a team to do that. We think its the right thing to do.

EA Tiburon is still on track to move from their current studio in Maitland, Florida to a larger studio in downtown Orlando's Creative Village this October. This new studio space could see the current Tiburon employee count grow from 700 to 1,000 by 2025, spearheaded by new projects such as College Football. As part of the move, EA could receive as much as $9 million in tax incentives, and the deal only required the studio to maintain a workforce of 600. Per an EA Tiburon recruiter, College Football job listings will be available and posted "soon" at

Public social media postings by current and former EA employees have revealed that EA currently has College Football development team members "on each coast," presumably at EA Tiburon (Florida) and either EA Redwood Shores or EA Vancouver, and that some developers were already assigned to the project as far back as summer 2020, if not earlier. EA is also currently 'assessing how spread out the team will be;' determining what other studios may be assisting in development.