Knicks trade away Porzingus just to be able to go after two Max players and get scared about offering Durant the Max. Now get a bunch of decent players but whiff on any stars.

The Pelicans will be good and interesting next year.
Bucks will be different.
Happy Pistons got Derrick Rose. Will help as another scoring option if he stays healthy. They need their young guys to improve.
Golden State loses Durante, Andre and get Deangelo Russell which surprises me. Klay still likely to miss the majority of the year.
Philly getting Horford and will be different with no Reddick.
Boston loses two but gains Kemba. Should be strong but probably not a true contender.
Lakers and Clippers trying to steal Kawhi. Raptors need him back. Will really hurt both LA teams if they wait and miss out on everyone else.
Miami somehow is getting Butler but the sign and trade needs to work out.
The Nets were huge winners getting Kyrie and Durant although Kyries leadership isnít good and Durant could miss the whole year.
Suns getting Rubio was a surprise and Indiana shook things up and will be interesting if Oladipo is heís healthy.
Darren Collison retiring and Muritic going back to Europe changed a few things.

Over 40% of the league were free agents. Probably biggest number ever and the landscape has changed. Not sure who the top teams are after the dust settles. I think Memphis made good moves for the future but will be bad.