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Thread: The XFL is back in 2020!

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    Administrator JBHuskers's Avatar
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    The XFL is back in 2020!

    Yep, you heard right

    The dude abides.

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    Administrator cdj's Avatar
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    First off, they need a longer pre-season this time around than last.

    Second, I don't know about his 'no one with a criminal record' being allowed in the league stance. I can understand booting someone who is convicted of domestic violence, for example, but not letting in someone who may have gotten a DUI in college? I'm hoping there's some clarity and reasoning behind that part of it.

    And no cheerleaders and unsure about nicknames on the back of uniforms? I think they may need to reassess a few things before 2020 or they won't get to a second season (again).



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