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Thread: NASCAR Heat 2 - Patch 1 Details

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    NASCAR Heat 2 - Patch 1 Details

    It’s hard to believe NASCAR Heat 2 has already been out for a month! We’ve been listening to your feedback and working hard to make the NASCAR Heat 2 even better. Below is a list of features coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. We’re hoping the first major NASCAR Heat 2 patch is approved sometime next week, but we can’t make any promises. In the meantime, see below for the fixes, additions, and improvements coming to NASCAR Heat 2!

    • Added remaining NASCAR NEXT drivers (Harrison Burton, Chase Cabre, Hailie Deegan, Riley Herbst, Cayden Lapcevich, Chase Purdy, Zane Smith)
    • Added new “Strict” Yellow Flags option for single-player
    • Added a Stats page to Career
    • Rivals’ anger now has the potential to slowly decay over time
    • Added an alternate controller configuration (Options -> Controls -> Default/Alternate)
    • Added new Victory Anthems
    • Added separate volume control for Spotter
    • Fixed potential frame rate stutter during race
    • Fixed Trophies/Achievements that were not awarding properly
    • Fixed red-lining engine issues at Iowa Speedway
    • Made top-end AI more challenging at some tracks
    • Better calculation of race results for cars finishing behind the player
    • Fixed issue where players in some regions would not see the correct cars in multiplayer races
    • Added gear/speed overlays in the cockpit view
    • Altered qualifying logic for the AI
    • Display purse on race card in Career
    • You can hold down left or right to change values at pits/in garage
    • Changed pre-race animation in multiplayer
    • Implemented some missing UI sounds
    • Quieter Victory Anthems
    • Fixed rare Career mode crash
    • Added functionality to switch between Global Leaderboards and Favorite Driver Leaderboards
    • Fixed doppler effect to prevent unusual pitch shifting during some events
    • Set Furniture Row Racing to a 5-star team in Career
    • Fixed Elliot Sadler’s Road America Challenge
    • Fixed some crash bugs
    • Adjusted some driver ratings
    • Altered character models for some drivers
    • Fixed some issues with AI pitting logic
    • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Great info! Thanks for providing the one.

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    Will definitely have to try and install the game!

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