• NASCAR '15 Launches May 22, 2015

    Today in a special event from Texas Motor Speedway, DM Racing announced NASCAR '15 coming to PlayStation 3, X-Box 360, and PC on May 22. GameStop is the exclusive retail home for the game which will also be available digitally on PSN, XBL, and Steam. The game will retail for $19.99.

    The game is more of an updated NASCAR '14 with the new 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series paint schemes than it is a new game. DM Racing is also working on a 2016 NASCAR title (presumably NASCAR '16) for PS4, XB1, and PC.

    Dusenberry Martin Racing (a subsidiary of DMi Games) acquired the NASCAR license from previous developer Euctechnyx on January 1.
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    1. cdj's Avatar
      cdj -
      The cover was unveiled today and features Jeff Gordon.

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      gigemaggs99 -
      Hopefully this will be a good update. I've pre-ordered my copy at Gamestop.