• The Gaming Tailgate Podcast Ep. 27 - NCAA Football 14 Ultimate Team Discussion

    In this edition of the TGT Podcast, Chris & Jeremy discuss NCAA Football 14 Ultimate Team with UT Community Member SG DirtyBurt.

    Continue on to listen to the show and then share your thoughts on the mode and show with the community.

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    Keep up on all the latest NCAA Football 14 news & media heading into the July 9 release date with our NCAA 14 News & Info Central page. We'll provide all the best & latest information regarding improvements to Gameplay & Infinity Engine 2, Dynasty Mode, Presentation, and new features such as NCAA Football Ultimate Team & Play a Season.

    NCAA Football 14 News & Information Central: http://tgt.pw/ncaa14info
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    1. cdj's Avatar
      cdj -
      You can view the page at http://www.thegamingtailgate.com/for...eam-Discussion
    1. ram29jackson's Avatar
      ram29jackson -
    1. ram29jackson's Avatar
      ram29jackson -
      would they be able to get stuff like the 4 Horsemen ?

      will Dick Butkus be in ?
    1. ram29jackson's Avatar
      ram29jackson -
      any mode outside of online head to head or getting into a multi user dynasty I use as a secondary practice mode anyway. This mode can be fun but You can play games against the AI and enjoy the over all experience while just getting use to how NCAA works in general with plays and on field AI and stumbling on to cool plays in playbooks. And along the way you end up earning tokens to spend.
    1. ram29jackson's Avatar
      ram29jackson -
      lonely in NUT land

    1. SCClassof93's Avatar
      SCClassof93 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ram29jackson View Post
      lonely in NUT land

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