• EA SPORTS Opens NCAA Football 12 Feedback Email Address

    Wednesday afternoon, the Twitter account for EA SPORTS NCAA Football (@EANCAAFootball) - maintained by EA SPORTS Community Manager Justin Dewiel - shared the following information for any NCAA Football fans who might want to put together their own feedback e-mails or issue/bug reports to e-mail to members of the development team.

    The series of Twitter messages are combined into a single message here:

    Hey guys, we received lots of great feedback from you on the game so far and we've been able to track down and address many issues... To improve further on the process, I've created an email alias for you to directly send feedback/issues to... If you're experiencing an issue or want to give feedback to the dev team, email us at: EASPORTSNCAAFootballFeedback@ea.com... Please title the email either issue or feedback and include the game mode in the subject line. We will be looking it over and responding. If you do send a note, you may be emailed and asked for more information, so be on the lookout. Thanks guys!

    Even though the moderators and EA SPORTS Game Changers here at The Gaming Tailgate have been passing along feedback and bugs/issues which are shared in the forums here and at other sites, this is another avenue for you to consider if you have anything to contribute to the people behind the game.
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      You can view the page at http://www.thegamingtailgate.com/for...-Email-Address
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      3 major fixes and 1 minor one:

      1. Game freezing up. Black screen. Must restart game. It's happened to me 30+ times already. Usually when I'm just about to start a game and it's loading my playbook.

      2. Playbook's glitch out. Plays disappear and are replaced with a little X and when you call the play they all just huddle in the center of the field. Must delete and start all over with a new playbook. Very annoying, especially if you take the time and fill the playbook up full and then it doesn't work.

      3. You cannot access highlights after a user vs user Online Dynasty match or you'll be signed out, but still on xbox live, and it won't report the game stats. Why can't we share highlights of these important games?


      1. The Pink Gem recruiting glitch. You'll add the pink gem, you'll be randomly placed on their top 10 but when you leave the recruiting board and come back to it later, either in the same week or the next week, you will no longer be on their top 10. Very annoying and it ruins the whole strategy of going after these pink gems.

      And I agree with fixing the low trajectory the ball is thrown at but it's not something I think we'll see fixed until NCAA Football 13.
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      I would hate to be the poor soul who has to filter through all of those emails.
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      Quote Originally Posted by NatureBoy View Post
      I would hate to be the poor soul who has to filter through all of those emails.
      They just need to incorporate the name filter from NCAA 12 and have it automatically delete any e-mail with a one of the banned words.

      That would leave like 5 or 6 constructive e-mails from guys named John Smith, who do did not use any profanity.
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      JD actually replied by to my email about issues/feedback. He stated he'd pass it own, so I'm not holding my breathe..but if enough people just simply state the issues without getting all butthurt then we might could get some issues fixed.
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      Yeah, I got the same email. It's just good they are actually listening to us.
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      Quote Originally Posted by I OU a Beatn View Post
      Yeah, I got the same email. It's just good they are actually listening to us.
      i emailed this thing 2 weeks ago asking why you cant talk to other dynasty members on the PS3 inside your online dynasty "accept if its a user game" Still haven't gotten an email. Even though i know EA messed up the same way they did last year. Forgetting the same feature they patched into the game in NCAA 11.