• EA SPORTS College Football 25 - Ultimate Team Deep Dive

    Tuesday, EA SPORTS unveiled some of the details surrounding Ultimate Mode in College Football 25.

    Off the bat, EA revealed that current players, legends, and active NFL players will all be featured in the game mode. As in UT modes in other titles, users can immediately jump into Challenges and Objectives to quickly earn Packs, specific player items, and/or coins. These Challenges are generally a good way for all users to practice their skills in a relatively quick game.

    The blog would go on to details Chemistries, Playbooks, and even a few of the Programs that will start the year: Ultimate Alumni, Conference Stories of the Week, ICYMI, and Legends.

    Finally, the dev entry highlighted some new ways to play College Football Ultimate Team: Solo Seasons, H2H Seasons, Squads Regular Season, and Champs/Gauntlet.

    Check out the full CUT deep dive blog here.

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      Pay $ win we ONLY care about YT whales ripping pack after pack spending THOUSANDS of $ while having NOTHING saved for an emergency fund much less retirement