• EA SPORTS College Football 25 - Gameplay Deep Dive Video & Blog

    EA SPORTS has released a trailer and blog as part of the Gameplay Deep Dive for EA SPORTS College Football 25.

    Narrated by Kirk Herbstreit, the nearly five minute video gives users a look at some of the gameplay features coming to the title. Extensive details were then published in a blog on the EA CFB 25 website.

    The blog, written by Creative Director Scott O'Gallagher, goes significantly in-depth in describing the bevy of gameplay features found in the title, including; Wear & Tear, the option game, Read & Pitch Key AI logic, (disguising) coverage shells, Abilities, Pre Snap Recognition, Confidence and Composure, Coach Vision, Homefield Advantage, Pre-Play Controls, Custom Stems, Revamped Passing, the Switch Stick, playbooks, and team play styles, game tempo options, Real Time Coaching (RTC), offensive/defensive line play features, weather impacts, new kicking meter, player controlled celebrations, the new 'Victory Formation' feature, and more.

    Continue on to watch the Gameplay Deep Dive trailer and follow the link to read the corresponding blog.

    Blog link: https://www.ea.com/games/ea-sports-c...play-deep-dive


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    1. xMrHitStickx904's Avatar
      xMrHitStickx904 -
      okay, so I never thought this would be a Madden re-skin. However, this blog & video should firmly put that to rest. Thereís a lot in there to digest that affects casual, dynasty & comp players all the same. Super excited about that.

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    1. ryby6969's Avatar
      ryby6969 -
      What is up! Been awhile.
    1. CLW's Avatar
      CLW -
      They are saying all the right things time will tell if they actually executed it competently or if it’s an absolute unbalanced mess
    1. Deuce's Avatar
      Deuce -
      Well, itís been a long damn time. Good to be back. Game is sounding great.

      No more accelerated game clock for me. My old ass will take all 40 seconds to go thru all reads before I can snap the ball. Delay of game is a real threat to me this year. Lol

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    1. psusnoop's Avatar
      psusnoop -
      Back in the forum again hahaha been a long time.
    1. texacotea's Avatar
      texacotea -
      me too...been scrolling the old dynasty threads LOL
    1. Deuce's Avatar
      Deuce -
      Anyone else feel theyíve made the game almost too complicated? I mean, if itís tuned correctly itíll be great but I worry how all these attributes interact. Seems impossible to code this where all these work together properly. Iíve always used house rules and sliders to make the game fun so Iím not too worried. As long as the CPU builds decent teams 4 or 5 season into a dynasty Iíll be happy.

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