• EA SPORTS College Football 25 - Official Reveal Trailer & Feature Set

    EA SPORTS has posted the official reveal trailer for EA SPORTS College Football 25 as well as a look at the feature set for the title.

    Among the highlights:
    - Marching bands, turnover belts/hoops, a bevy of player equipment options, and numerous team entrances highlighted in the trailer.
    - TeamBuilder returns, but content can only be used in offline Play Now and private Dynasty modes.
    - Cross-play is in the title for the following modes: Road to the College Football Playoff, College Football Ultimate Team™, and Play a Friend.
    - No mention of Custom Conferences at this time.

    Continue on to see the trailer and the feature set, then share your thoughts with the community below.

    Immerse yourself in authentic, fast-paced, college football gameplay with CampusIQ™, a suite of features built to deliver wide open, fast paced and uniquely college football gameplay. Test your strategic decision-making with an all-new composure system, player Wear & Tear, screen-shaking homefield advantages, and dozens of diverse playstyles across 134 FBS teams.

    Wide Open, Fast Paced Gameplay

    Powered by a wide range of player ratings that fluctuate throughout a game, team tiers, and new in-game passing mechanics, EA SPORTS™ College Football 25 delivers strategic, fast-paced gameplay reflecting the true depth of college football.

    Wear & Tear

    With the new Wear & Tear system, as the hits add up, players wear down. Manage your players’ health, limit fatigue, assess risk of injury, and avoid on-field mistakes by using strategic substitutions to ensure your players are at their best with it counts the most.

    Pre-Snap Recognition

    Pre-Snap Recognition makes the decision behind every snap matter more. Do you trust in your high-skill seniors, or take a risk with your untested freshman? Read the game then read your players to make the right decision when it matters most.

    Homefield Advantage

    Game-altering homefield advantages rattle your rivals in college football's toughest places to play. Test your squad’s road game composure and confidence levels as you play through distractions like screen shaking, missing pre-play icons, and moving play art.


    From The Big House to The Swamp. From Tuscaloosa to College Station. Experience the decibel-shaking soundscape of college football putting you inside the stadium, alongside all the iconic rituals and traditions that make you feel right at home.

    Pageantry & Traditions

    Revel in the storied traditions, sights and sounds that electrify college football stadiums every Saturday. With unique team run-outs, rivalry rituals, synchronized crowd-chants, loudness meters as well as real game-day audio, fight songs and, of course, mascots, it’ll feel like home everywhere you look.

    Commentary & Broadcast

    Listen to the iconic voices of Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit as they call marquee matchups, while Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer, and David Pollack take the mic for all your other games. Take in the sights and sounds around the stadium between plays with a dynamic picture-in-picture play-call system.


    Set a new standard for college football greatness in classic modes like Dynasty and Road To Glory. Recruit a winning roster, develop a coaching staff, and lead your program to the Natty as a created coach, or balance student-athlete life and take home the Heisman as a player.


    Create a coach, take control, upgrade their abilities and build a powerhouse college football program. Establish your coaching staff, then work to recruit the best talent either straight from high school or direct from the transfer portal. Take your team to the next level in Online Dynasty, where up to 32 players can compete against each other on and off the field.

    Road To Glory

    Live the life of a student-athlete with your created player and take home the Heisman as you build an unforgettable college football legacy. Manage your weekly schedule, GPA and your image, earn Coach Trust to get more playing time, or use the transfer portal to get the time and the glory you deserve.

    College Football Ultimate Team

    Build your dream team of college football stars and legends. Play Solo Challenges or H2H Seasons to upgrade your squad and take on the toughest contests. Test your skills across consoles in more competitive formats like College Football Ultimate Team™ Champs and Champs Gauntlet.

    Road To The College Football Playoff

    Experience a new way to play competitively across consoles, in the Road to the College Football Playoff. Will you represent your university, or take a power school to climb the polls? Earn rank by upsetting the toughest opponents and securing the votes you need to progress and level up divisions. Stack wins to earn your chance at making the playoffs and take home the National Championship.


    Create your own college football program with customization tools on the Team Builder website*. Design uniforms, helmets, fields, and upload your own logo. You can then upload your program to use in Play Now and Dynasty. Check out the download center to browse teams created by the entire community. You can learn more about Team Builder later this Summer.

    *Team Builder content can be used in offline Play Now and private Dynasty modes. Internet connection & EA account required. Applicable platform account may be required. Age restrictions may apply.
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    1. CLW's Avatar
      CLW -
      EA has PERFECTED the hype trailer where they show ZERO gameplay footage
    1. oweb26's Avatar
      oweb26 -
      Quote Originally Posted by CLW View Post
      EA has PERFECTED the hype trailer where they show ZERO gameplay footage
      Ubisoft has perfected it, EA is just really good.. lol
    1. xMrHitStickx904's Avatar
      xMrHitStickx904 -
      been a long time coming, but we're really back.
    1. Body15's Avatar
      Body15 -
      Lets goooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Body15's Avatar
      Body15 -
      Quote Originally Posted by CLW View Post
      EA has PERFECTED the hype trailer where they show ZERO gameplay footage
      Come on brother, it's coming!! Beggers can't be choosers.
    1. CLW's Avatar
      CLW -
      Quote Originally Posted by Body15 View Post
      Come on brother, it's coming!! Beggers can't be choosers.
      be CAREFUL what you wish for me that will be $9.99 keep your starting qb nil micro transaction pack