• Does Deion have a new deal with EA SPORTS?

    A March 5, 2024 video from Well Off Media on YouTube teases that Deion Sanders (Coach Prime) has a deal proposed to him from EA SPORTS.

    In the clip, Colorado Assistant AD for Sports Equipment Services Michael Smith is visiting with Coach Prime and showing him a sheet of paper while saying the following: "They put together a deal with you and we can do an in-season release with the new uniforms and if you want, we can send them all your stuff that you wear and they can like....you know what I'm saying?"

    Deion responds with "EA SPORTS, we do business."

    Continue on to see the aforementioned clip.

    Well Off Media is a channel run by Deion Sanders, Jr. showcasing a behind the scenes look at Colorado football. The video clip was entitled in part "Coach Prime ... Has A Message For EA SPORTS," inferring this is more than Deion putting a twist on the company's popular tagline.

    Deion was featured as a character in Madden NFL 24's Superstar Mode (see picture above), so this potential offer from EA could be for something similar in Madden NFL 25. However, with EA SPORTS College Football 25's feature set unknown, could he be appearing in this title as part of this deal? Is the quote "we can send them all the stuff that you wear" referring to CU gear, all but confirming an EA CFB deal? Or were Sanders/Smith hamming it up for the camera?

    Check out the clip below and let us know what you think this possible deal could be.

    The segment in question is shown between the 8:22 and 8:40 mark.

    (Hat tip: Josh Tolle/Buffs Beat)


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