• FanNation: Work Remains to Get Service Academy Players in EA SPORTS College Football

    Courtesy Noah Henderson at FanNation, the process of getting players from the service academies into EA SPORTS College Football 25 is at a standstill as the schools work towards gaining approval for allowing player likeness into the title. While the three service academies (Air Force, Army, Navy) will be in the game, the actual players are currently unable to opt-in.

    Federal law prohibits student-athletes at service academies from participation in NIL engagements as it would see them using public office for private gain. EA SPORTS & the academies dropped the $600 payment to avoid said conflict with the law, but that is still not enough to get the players into the game.

    From Henderson: In an official statement from the Falcon's Athletic Department - ďThe Air Force Academy is excited to be included in the game. Itís important for us to have our school and our athletes included for our fans and for the branding, recruiting and exposure that comes with it. While government ethics rules prevent our cadet-athletes from accepting compensation from appearing in the game, we are working towards approval for them to be able to opt-in and appear in the game without compensation. Since our cadet-athletes are not allowed to accept compensation, the Academy will also forgo compensation for appearing in the game."

    Click here to view Henderson's full article at FanNation.


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      Forget service academy how can we go on without Arch THE GOD Manning in the game