• Army's Rich DeMarco is new EA CFB 25 PA Announcer

    EA SPORTS College Football 25 will feature a new public address announcer: Army football and basketball play-by-play announcer Rich DeMarco.

    A long-time fan of the title, DeMarco built an in-home studio in his attic to record his lines using recording equipment sent to him by EA SPORTS. In approximately 40 hours of recordings, DeMarco recorded lines fitting for both home and away teams, school-specific lines, and even lines for rare situations.

    Some quotes courtesy Asbury Park Press' Jerry Carino:

    “There’s a pace you have as a play-by-play announcer – you want to be quick, you want to be efficient and leave room for the color guy,” he said, and EA officials coached him on the less-hurried cadence they were looking for. There were plenty of nuances, starting with the deliveries for the home team compared to the road team.

    “When you give your emphasis, it’s different when the home team completes a pass downfield for a first down as opposed to when the visiting team does,” DeMarco said. “We recorded every eventuality you could have for a football game. For instance, there’s a PA announcement for if a team lines up in the punt formation on an extra point. You have to prepare for whatever the user in the game can do.”

    Without giving away detail, he added, “we got into a number of specific things that fans can expect from their home stadiums – that you only hear there. The goal of this game was to make it as authentic as possible.”

    Courtesy: northjersey.com

    Here is a clip featuring DeMarco:


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