• Matt Brown: Expect EA SPORTS College Football School Confirmation Graphics on 2/15

    Sunday afternoon, Matt Brown reported via Twitter that "multiple school-based sources" have confirmed that fans should expect a small game-related update on Thursday, February 15. This update is expected to come in the form of social media graphics posted by the respective schools announcing their participation in this summer's release of EA SPORTS College Football.

    Brown stated in later tweets that he expects all 134 FBS programs to participate in the title, but has not been able to independently confirm that. He also added that any media shared on Thursday will not be a commercial or gameplay trailer, two recent rumors surrounding the game that, to date, have failed to pan out.

    At last word, there were 12 programs that publicly stated they were unsure if they would participate in the title. They include: Appalachian State, BYU, Duke, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, Missouri, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, USC, and Washington State. However, it has been months - if not years - since media inquired as to whether individual programs planned on being in the title, meaning at this point there may be few holdouts, if any.

    [UPDATE] - Matt Brown was kind enough to respond to the information above and states that those twelve programs will be in the game. Thank you, Matt!

    It will be worth watching to see if all 134 individual programs confirm their inclusion or if EA SPORTS will make a statement at some point Thursday announcing the current number signed on.


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