• Sportico: Interview with EA SPORTS President Cam Weber

    Sportico recently interview Cam Weber, President of EA SPORTS. In the show, Weber and hosts Scott and Eben talk about all things EA: how the company attempts to reach Gen Z, takeaways from the Fortnite craze, the companies relationship with sports leagues, EA SPORTS FC, and even some vague EA SPORTS College Football information.

    Weber tells the hosts that the game has to rebuild some items such as recruiting which has changed drastically in the ten years since the release of NCAA Football 14. Several times Weber mentions that game information (such as how they have a 'cool solution' to handle NIL) will 'come in the new year.' The College Football segment ends with Weber saying that he last visited with the dev team several weeks ago and at that time he believed that approximately 130 schools had signed on to be part of the title coming Summer 2024.

    Continue on to watch the interview with Weber. Discussion of EA SPORTS College Football begins just before the 28-minute mark.

    Segment highlights:
    • Starts just before 28 minute mark.
    • Have to rebuild things like recruiting which has changed so much in 10 years.
    • Not ready to announce plans for NIL today but will share more in the new year.
    • Complex due to 10,000+ and they move around a lot... Not like professional team licenses.
    • Thinks they have a cool solution that allows lots of players to be involved.
    • Wants to design something equatable & inclusive, include as many players as possible.
    • He believes they have at least 130 schools locked down. Still working on details.

    * gschwendt contributed to this story.
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