• Matt Brown Interview Shares More EA CFB Info

    Matt Brown (of Extra Points with Matt Brown) recently conducted an interview on YouTube with 'Tubbylight' where he disclosed information - both new and old - that he has attained regarding EA SPORTS College Football through FOIA requests and also in discussions with game developers.

    Among the noteworthy aspects:
    • ESPN will be a part of the game as Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstriet, Desmond Howard, and others have already recorded commentary
    • Even schools who have yet to sign on have been submitting assets
    • Players from the service academies may find themselves unable to be in the game due to NIL restrictions in regards to government status
    • Ultimate Team will include historic players (ala NCAA Football 14)
    • The game is not expected to surpass 25% of Madden's sales

    Brown has also recently been sharing audio and visual assets submitted by schools publicly to his Twitter account.

    Continue on to listen to the interview between Brown and 'Tubbylight' then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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