• Solid Verbal: Matt Brown Interview on Latest EA CFB News

    On the July 13 edition of The Solid Verbal Podcast, host Ty Hildenbrandt interviewed Matt Brown (of Extra Points with Matt Brown). The lead-off topic for the interview centered on the latest news & info surrounding the development of EA SPORTS College Football, as gathered by Brown.

    Brown has been at the forefront of covering development of the title, led by his efforts in utilizing FOIA requests from universities and also through contacts around college football and at EA. (You can follow Brown's coverage of the sport and game at extrapointsmb.com.)

    Among the game aspects covered by Hildenbrandt and Brown: Should fans be worried about a delay, when NIL offers may go out to players, potential player payment range, the Brandr lawsuit, when gameplay and development news may arrive, Dynasty Mode being the focus for the title, a recruiting mode revamp including earlier commits in recruiting, their process in gathering feedback from college football experts, the focus on realism, and more.

    Continue on to watch the interview with Brown at The Solid Verbal.

    (The EA SPORTS College Football conversation begins at 1:34 and ends at 15:40.)


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