• EA SPORTS PGA TOUR - Career Mode Trailer & Deep Dive

    The latest trailer and developer deep dive blog for EA SPORTS PGA TOUR focuses on Career Mode. Here are some of the highlights:

    Par for the course (pun intended), users will start off the mode creating their golfer, including their appearance, swing, bag design, apparel (including multi-round outfits), and more. The users journey will now being with a selectable starting point: 'as an amateur in one of the top amateur events, on the Korn Ferry Tour, or the PGA TOUR.'

    The Season Hub will allow users to see the full calendar of events, track career progress and other milestones.

    Career Progression is RPG style, allowing users to earn XP and Skill Points as they upgrade their golfer in five key areas: power, driving, approach, short game, and putting. New shot types can be unlocked as skills are progressed past certain levels. These shot types can also be progressed from bronze to silver and then gold to allow user mastery of each type.

    Club and Ball Spec Systems: Each club can be customized for power, accuracy, control, and recovery. Users can also save up to five different bag configurations.

    Career Gameplay discussion focused on user options, including AI difficulty and pairings. as well as season settings. The AI will use official ShotLink data in an effort to make each golfer play like their real-life counterpart.

    Check out the EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Career Mode Deep Dive here or continue on to see the trailer and read the blog.

    Career Mode Journey Overview from Amateur to the Masters

    You’ll start your journey by customizing your golfer’s appearance with a variety of visual customizations, equipment options, and swing styles to choose from. You can control your golfer’s swing style by selecting their swing animation, swing tempo, preferred shot shape, and ball trajectory throughout your career. You’ll also be able to customize your club head, shaft, grips, and more so you’ll perform just like you want to on the course. And to make sure you’re looking your best when you’re on the course, you’ll be able to equip yourself with accessories and clothing from a variety of iconic and new-age golf brands.

    After you’ve perfected your look on-course, you’ll be able to control where you want to start your career - as an amateur in one of the top amateur events, on the Korn Ferry Tour, or the PGA TOUR. As an amateur you’ll be able to play in the U.S. Amateur Championship, Augusta National Women’s Amateur, The Amateur Championship, Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship, and Latin American Amateur Championship, culminating in Q-school where you’ll compete for a spot on the Korn Ferry Tour. After you’ve conquered the amateur championships you’ll have the opportunity to earn an invitation to the Masters and U.S. Open.

    After the Korn Ferry Tour, or if you choose to skip straight to it, you’ll launch into the PGA TOUR where you will get to compete each week on golf’s biggest stages including the major championships, where you can chase your green jacket, a Grand Slam Title, race for the FedExCup, and more.

    Throughout the season, each tournament has field sizes and entry requirements and that mirror its real life counterpart. So if you want to compete in golf’s biggest events, you’ll need to earn your spot just like the pros do.
    During Career Mode gameplay, you can use the “AI Pairings” setting to play shot-for-shot against an AI PGA TOUR pro, or turn it off to speed up the round and concentrate solely on your game.

    The AI performance is based on official ShotLink data, so pros play each course and particular hole just like they would in real life.

    Skill Progression and Shot Types

    EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Career Mode uses an RPG style of progression where you’ll be able to build your golfer’s skill set over time as you put in playing hours. You can earn XP and skill points in the categories of power, driving, approach, short game and putting where you’ll be able to unlock new shot types and upgrade them from bronze to silver to gold and more.

    With upgraded shot types you’ll have more strategic options on the course so you can succeed at more difficult courses.

    You’ll be able to see your upgrades in your home base, The Season Hub where you’ll be able to view the entire calendar of events and track your career progression and other milestones through the “Career Mastery” tab.

    In your Season Hub you’ll also be able to see your completed and available quests - sets of challenges categorized under either a course or a tournament. Completed quests will contribute to developing your skills and unlocking new shot types.

    By completing different challenges you’ll also be able to earn ball and club specs which offer customizable performance characteristics across the areas of power, accuracy, control, and recovery. You can create a loadout that you prefer and then equip that club and ball spec into your bag.

    You can also purchase PGA TOUR club specs from the store to equip clubs just like your favorite pros do.


    Your golfer will have a variety of attributes that you’ll be able to influence by completing quests. They are detailed below. Utilizing skill points for each of the five skill categories not only unlocks new shot types, but also allows you to upgrade your golfer's attributes

    - Power influences your swing speed which determines the distance all of your shot go.

    - With higher accuracy comes a shot dispersion area and a smaller mishit window size. Your swing execution will also be more accurate.

    - With higher control attributes, your shot will have more natural spin and you’ll be able to shape your shot more as well as add more spin while your shot is in the air. The higher your control the more accurately you’ll be able to influence these parts of your play.

    - Recovery decreases the impact of penalties applied when in bad lies such as rough and sand. This includes: Carry distance penalty, The size of the range shown in the carry distance penalty window, Natural spin penalty, Shot shaping penalty, Spin control penalty, Mishit tolerance window penalty, Penalty for off-plane swings and mishits

    So experience the authentic storytelling waiting for you in Career Mode and more in EA SPORTS PGA TOUR! And as always, we continue to take community feedback into account when making improvements and changes to EA SPORTS PGA TOUR. Pre-order* EA SPORTS PGA TOUR now to get on the green three days early and more benefits


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