• Will College Gameday be in EA SPORTS College Football?

    Could College Gameday be coming to EA SPORTS College Football?

    On location for tomorrow's College Gameday for Montana vs. Montana State in Bozeman, MT, Matt Brown (of Extra Points with Matt Brown) had the opportunity to interview producers and hosts of the program, including Rece Davis and David Pollack.

    From Brown on Twitter:

    - Pollack "confirms that he WILL be providing voice talent for next year's EA Sports College Football."

    - "Rece Davis told us he's played as Montana a few times in the old EA Sports CFB games. I asked if he'll be in the next one. He smiled, said he isn't sure how he's allowed to answer...but hes gonna be real busy on Monday. (WINK)"

    Perhaps the most noteworthy tweet came in a response to community member Nate (Twitter: @OklahomersPod) who asked "WEíRE GETTING GAMEDAY IN THE GAME ARENíT WE." Brown responded solely with a smiling emoji, seemingly suggesting Gameday may be coming to year one of EA SPORTS College Football.

    If true, how would you like to see College Gameday incorporated into the game? What are the key aspects you are looking for?

    Continue on to see the aforementioned info courtesy Matt Brown on Twitter.

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    1. OLATHExSOONER's Avatar
      Hey thatís me! Iím Nate! Pretty cool to see my tweet featured here. Been a part of this community for a long time. Couldnít be more excited about this game. Hope this website endures forever!